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At Insurance Samadhan, we find solutions to any insurance-related issue that include lapsed insurance policy, assistance in case settlement, claim recovery in case of insurance fraud, assistance to NRI's in servicing their policies, and much more.

Many a times, as an advisor you are not able to initiate conversation with a prospect or client due to some pending complaint with an insurance company. With Insurance Samadhan, now you can register the case and we will help you in resolving the complaint. Once the case is resolved, your client’s trust and confidence in you would be high as you demonstrated your commitment to service. This will open newer and bigger opportunities for you through client referrals and even fresh sale.

We have standardised the process from registration to resolution. We use all possible windows including Insurer, IRDAI, Ombudsman and Consumer Forums to explore resolution.
InSa has a professionally trained team to understand and handle insurance complaints. The Co-Founders of InSa have more than 45 years of Insurance industry experience and over 25 years of legal experience.
In addition, we also educate customers with their mistakes so that they understand insurance and make right decisions in future.

NIL. There is no fees to be paid by Advisors to join InSa. It is all Win-Win-Win for you, customers and us. It is also a Win for insurance company because they get a satisfied customer.

As per our standard process, we charge a registration fee of Rs.500 per customer. However, at present we have waived registration fees from customers who are registering via Advisors. Post resolution and credit of money in client’s account, we charge a nominal 12% (plus applicable GST) as Success Fee on the amount of money recovered in customer’s account.

It's a very simple process. You have to sign up and make your profile. The link is mentioned below with the steps mentioned in detail.

Yes, you can. We are a service provider and anyone can be part of InSa.

No. There are no targets. Our objective is to help your prospects and customers in resolving their issues. The more prospects you would help, the more happy clients you would have.

No. InSa is not into selling any financial products. We only resolve Insurance complaints.

First, because we help and assist in recovering customer’s money, that might have been lost due to fraud or miss-selling or other reasons. Our experts are able to represent the customer’s case from legal perspective along with facts and improve that chances of recovering the money. Second, we charge the success fee only when the moneys are received in customer’s account.

Anyone part of the insurance industry can join Insurance Samadhan. We handle claims and complaints and there is no need of any statutory license to join us. Also, the fact that we don't sell insurance or any other financial product, it gives comfort and an assurance to insurance advisors who bring their customer complaints to us.

Your client may have previous policies from other advisors or banker where you are able to represent the case or can’t handle the claim directly. Also, when you do prospecting you would realize that out of 10 prospects, 6 have been miss-sold or their claim in past got declined. With InSa, now you can help them get their money and demonstrate your service commitment.

You don't need to submit a claim of your insurance company, unless you are convinced that the case has a merit to be represented post repudiation.

If people reach directly on our website, they have to pay Rs.500 registration fee. However, if they come through you, it’s waived off and then once they get their lost money back, you can sell them the right product and also gain through referrals.

It’s take just 2 minutes to join InSa family through our technology platform. Please click on the link to join and we will be glad if you recommend and advice your other colleagues to join us.

NO. It's a confidential agreement. Also, you are bringing the case of your customer to us only to assist in professional representation. We firmly believe that all insurance companies want to settle the genuine claims however, they are not able to do so due to lack of adequate information and supporting documents from customer’s end.

We are technology platform and we have insurance advisors on board from across the country. You can register the case from anywhere in the world and can see the progress by accessing your dashboard 24X7.

Yes. We regularly conduct learning sessions by the industry veteran and share knowledge snippets to help you in your client interactions.

Apart from 24x7 access to InSa platform, we provide personalized promotion material and links to testimonials that you can use to represent InSa as well as educate customers. Once you join, you would get a lot of information and assistance which will increase your business.

Yes. However, we would prefer insurance advisors, mutual fund advisors, wealth managers, CA, lawyers only, as they are the ones who would benefit the most by joining InSa.

Yes, pls visit, you would get a lot of tech help for your business to grow. In addition, you may like to visit our social media handles and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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