5 Common Health Insurance Complaints in India

1. Wrong Policies are Sold

Due to pressure from superiors or due to the greed of the agent for a higher commission, wrong policies are sold to the customers. Entire terms of the policy are not revealed to the potential policy buyer.

  • Solution: Potential buyers should not shy away in asking for the brochure and should try and extract as much information possible, from the website and from the agent about the terms of policy and the benefits therein.  

2. Policies are not Issued

Sometimes when a customer, submits a proposal form, the insurer finds out that there is a high probability of claim being sought, in the near future. At such times, the policy is not issued to the customer or it is issued with a lot of restrictions.

  • Solution: Buyers should approach another insurance company to buy a proper insurance plan without any restrictive covenants.

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3. Claims are Rejected in an Unfair Manner:

Sometimes, the claim is rejected on the pretext of not following the exact procedure or not submitting the correct documents.

  • Solution: Before filing a complaint against the insurer for unfair rejection of claim, it is better to ask the reason for rejection and therefater compliance of the procedure should be done.

4. Sudden hike in Premiums on Renewal Dates

The insurers increase the premium rates, manifold, when it is time to renew the policy. This is extremely difficult to tackle especially for elderly customers, who have limited sources of income.

  • Solution: Porting to some other insurer is the only possible solution in such cases. This is beneficial only if some claim has not been already made with the existing insurer. Otherwise porting becomes difficult and cumbersome.

5. Added Features lead to more out of Pocket Expenses

Sometimes, when the latest policy hits the market, it comes along with a lot of extra features and added advantages. However, the insurers are always on the lookout to reduce their outflows and as a result exclude from their policy, the events, that cause them the highest loss. Therefore, on the outside, it looks like the product has extra features, however the exclusions that come with this feature may put you in situations where there could be very high out of pocket expense.

  • Solution: Read the exclusions, when the insurer rolls out new policies with added features.

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