A car is a luxury for most of the people living in India and the ones who own one, would protect them at any cost, and motor insurance is the best way one could do that. If you are applying for a claim due to any damage/loss caused by an insured disaster, make sure you do with a calm mind and not get anxious (We know it can get tough) as following the procedure is important for your claim to get accepted.

If your car has been stolen, vandalized, or been in an accident, here is a stepwise procedure that you could follow.

1. Inform your car insurance provider immediately

The first step that must be taken after experiencing an insured disaster is to call your insurer and inform them about your situation. A helpline number will be mentioned on their website or your motor insurance policy document.

Give as many as details possible (time, date, and location of the disaster) over the phone and make a note of the consumer care executive you have spoken to.

PS - Make sure you don’t start any repair work before informing your insurer.

2. File an FIR with the local police

If your car has been in an accident or vandalized, you need to inform the nearest local police at the earliest. To process your claim request, your insurers would ask for a registered FIR number that will validate your claim.

A registered FIR will also help you validate your insurance complaint if you ever decide to escalate your claim rejection/fraudulent insurance activities.

PS - This step is one of the most important ones, make sure you don’t skip this.

3. Gather evidence

It's always better to have evidence that could serve as valid proof and can back up your claim request. Here are some examples of evidence that you could use -

1. Pictures and videos of the damages and accident scene, or crime scene.

2. Note down the name, contact number, and addresses of witnesses and other parties if any.

3. Take a picture of the insurance policy document of the third-party involved as it may help avail third-party liability claims. (Don't make any deals with the third party before discussing it with your insurer)

PS - While you have gathered all the evidence you needed, you might get tempted to move from the accident location, although that’s not a good idea.

Stay put, till the surveyor or local police officer reaches you, so they could validate the whole scenario for you.

4. Apply for a claim

Most standard car insurance policies have a deadline of applying for a claim, make sure you don’t miss that to avoid a delay in your claim process or a rejection.

Documentation for Car Claim in India

  1. Copy of your driver’s license
  2. Claim form (Fill the form with caution, be honest and accurate about all the information you give)
  3. Car registration certificate,
  4. FIR
  5. Copy of the first two pages of your insurance policy. (Read your policy document carefully before you file for a claim.
  6. You might also need a detailed letter addressed to the Road Transport Office (RTO)
  7. If your car was stolen, 2 sets of your car keys would be required (your claim might get rejected if you don’t have the keys to your car) along with the “non-traceable certificate’ that your police will issue.
  8. If your car was stolen, You need to transfer your stolen Car’s RC in the favor of your car insurance company once the police submit a final ‘non-traceable report’.

5. Surveyor's Inspection

Every car insurance company assigns a surveyor who inspects the accident location or crime scene. Once he has assessed the damage and repairs, a compiled report called the “schedule of works” is submitted to the insurer.

Fake Insurance claims are quite common these days and the primary function of a surveyor is to investigate if there is any swindling involved in each case.

Make sure you are completely transparent about every little detail, you wouldn’t wanna be accused of any scam.

6. Final Claim Settlement

If you were involved in a third party accident and the surveyor has cleared all his reports after his investigation, the insurer will release the claim to the third party.

If your car needs any repair from the vandalism or accident, you have two payout options to settle your claim-

1. Cashless claim - Once your car has been repaired from a repair shop that your insurance company has authorized, the invoice will be paid by your insurer directly to the repair shop.

2. Reimbursement claim - Once your car is repaired by any repair shop, save all the receipts that you have paid for and submit them to your insurance company to get reimbursed.

PS - Make a record of all the receipts you have paid for, they can be personal injury treatment or car repairs.

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