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Claim Rejection

Did wrong representation or technical jargons get your claim rejected? Do you feel dejected? Well let us help you get your claim back. More often than not, claims get rejected due to filing incorrect or invalid information. Although once rejected, the status of your claim can still be challenged.

Reasons why your claim can get rejected:

  • Non-disclosure of relevant information
  • Not paying premiums on time
  • If your reason to claim comes under the exclusions of the policy
  • Avoiding medical tests
  • Incorrect nominee details
  • Delay in filing for claims

How to avoid these things to happen:

  • Submit all relevant information while purchasing the policy (Especially the policies you bought in the recent 3 to 4 years).
  • Pay premium on time.
  • Read all policy documents carefully before purchasing.
  • Do all necessary tests your insurer requires you to.
  • Fill your policy document yourself and update your insurer if you want to change the nominee.

Keep yourself and your insurer informed of all developments! Speaking for stats alone, one might doubt the efficacy of insurance claim settlements at all. However, we understand your claim letter by letter as it rolls out and helps you re-file your claim rejection case with your respective company. If required, we even look at legal options as per case requirement. We do not settle until your claim is settled!

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insurance claim rejection

Is your claim rejected basis Death Certificate is invalid?

Death within 3 years of policy and company is not responding

Life Insured committed Suicide and claim got rejected

The claim is rejected because of Non Disclosure of Material Facts

Claim rejected due to Incorrect Medical History including smoking, hypertension, diabetes etc

There is a delay in filing of the claim

The cashless claim is rejected

Is your claim rejected due to Incorrect Discharge summary

The claim is rejected due to Pre-existing disease that was not disclosed

Ported my health insurance and claim got rejected

New policy with new terms and conditions issued without my knowledge at the time of renewal

Grievance Redressal

life insurance complaints

Life Insurance

As of 2016, 80% of consumer complaints in the Insurance Sector were related to Insurance Claims alone. Ranging from fraud and lack of awareness to inappropriate documentation, imbalance in the Insurance Sector looms larger than ever before owing to the rise of the Indian middle class and a shift towards more educated investments. Despite numerous checkpoints imposed by the IRDA, an end-to-end solution for this problem seems far-fetched. New measures like the Introduction of KYC (Know Your Customer), Prohibition of Third-Party Payments, Fixing Accountability for Distributors, etc. have not yet completely resolved these issues. Due to lack of financial know-how and awareness, issues like data theft and fake calls posing as IRDA remain common. Insurance Samadhan has accepted this challenge and we aim to achieve the goal of removing these obstacles for our clients. We ensure that your case is excellently represented, protocol is followed and your life insurance complaints are resolved as quickly as possible.

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