General Insurance


Non-Life Insurance Policies such as Automobile Insurance and Homeowner Policies are classified as “General Insurance”. These policies provide cover and payment depending on the loss from a particular financial event. Other Examples of General Insurance include Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Marine Insurance, Commercial insurance etc.

Despite the modernization of Insurance products and practices in India consumers face a number of problems with General Insurance. The general public looks at these policies as unnecessary due to a lack of awareness. People are scared by the technical and difficult language which is hard for them to understand. Thirdly, misrepresentation and selling inappropriate policies has created a bad impression in Public.

These combined with the notoriously slow claim settlement process actively discourage consumers from purchasing these policies. Insurance Samadhan works relentlessly to solve these problems by helping consumers in understanding their policies, representing them with concerned authorities and helping them recover their claims. We understand the problems well due to our experience in the industry and so our solutions for general insurance complaints are suitable and easy to understand for Indian consumers.

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General Insurance


I could recover my Car Insurance loss with the help of Insurance Samadhan.

I did not use my car frequently and discovered that it had suffered damage while parked. I came to know about it only after 30 days and the Insurance company denied the claim on the basis of late reporting.

Insurance Samadhan took the case and Insurance Company agreed for claim within 30 days.

I would have lost the money without the interference of Insurance Samadhan.

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