Top 10 Benefits of Health Insurance Policy in India

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Health Insurance was introduced in 1986 by Public Sector Insurance Companies in India in the name of Mediclaim Policy for reimbursement of Hospitalization Expenses. Currently the Health Insurance is opened to all Insurance Companies including standalone Health Insurance companies registered with insurance regulator IRDA. Health Insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the Policyholder. You can purchase Individual Health Insurance or Family Floater insurance as per your needs. In India, Health Insurance is offered mainly in the form of (a) Indemnity Plan which covers hospitalisation expenses and (b)Fixed Benefit Plan which pays a fixed amount for pre-decided diseases.

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Top 10 Benefits of Health Insurance Policy:

Health Insurance is growing swiftly because of the following evident Benefits:

  1. Protection against Health Mishap: It covers Hospitalisation expenses for any insurable Health misfortune happened. Its aim is to have best medical care without any strain on your finances.
  2. Life Long Protection: Health Insurance promises lifelong cover across all risks of illness that are insurable. In addition, the provision of Migration and Portability of benefits is also available.
  3. Health Insurance offers Cash Flow: The Hospitalisation expenses are settled between your insurance company and the Hospital. The facility of pre-cashless authorization is monitored by the TPA.
  4. Coverage against Critical illness: Health Insurance provides coverage against life threatening diseases like Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Brain Surgery Cancer, Chronic lung and Liver disease and you are benefited by a lump sum amount to meet your illness related treatment cost and any other financial obligations.
  5. Add on Covers: Some of the Add on covers commonly offered by the insurance companies includes Organ Donor Medical Expenses, Maternity Benefits, Covers for New Born, Hospital Cash, Payment of Ambulance Charges, OPD treatment, Restoration of Sum Insured and Health Check-ups etc. 
  6. Additional services offered by the Health Insurance: The Insurance Regulator IRDA has introduced a dedicated Health intermediary known as Third Party Administrators are licenced to process health insurance claims, provides cashless facility and serve the policyholders who take Health Insurance Policies. The major activities of the TPA includes customer enrolment, Database maintenance, providing value added services like Ambulance service, health wellness and check-up camps. 
  7. Income Tax Benefits for paying Medical Insurance Premium: The deduction under section 80 D of Income Tax Act, 1961 has been allowed for Health premium paid. Medical premium paid for the Parents is also additionally qualified for deductions.
  8. Health insurance is highly regulated:  When the insurance sector was opened in India in 1999, The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) was vested with powers to regulate the insurance sector. The regulator aims is to make health insurance policies customer friendly and more standardized for bringing uniformity in health products. Recently IRDA has introduced a standard health cover Arogya Sanjeevani Policy that must be offered by all General and standalone health insurers to the general public as affordable health cover.
  9. India is among the cheapest health insurance markets: one can observe that compared to the numerous benefits being offered by health insurance policies, the premium payable is quite affordable.
  10. Group Health Insurance: Group health covers can get better terms and conditions of services as the insurance companies designed the Tailor made Group Mediclaim Policies to suit the group’s requirements
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In view of the above Health Insurance Benefits, You may choose Insurance plans based on your personal needs and requirements.

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