Beware of Insurance Mis-selling! A Way Out of the Trap!

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The mis-selling of insurance policy is at its peak and the main reason for this is that some people are trying to mis-sell insurance policies for their own benefit. There have been often cases where customers are mis-sold an insurance policies for better returns in future.


Here’s a recent case where we helped one of our customer who was facing the same issue:

Mr. Bhanu Rishi was sold a policy about a year ago by some people. He was told that the policy would give him better returns within 3 to 4 months, which was mis told to him. He was unware about the fact that the policy would be for 14 years and that he would have to pay the annual premium each year. However, for the same year he had already paid one lakh rupees. After realizing that he had been mis-sold a policy, he tried contacting the officials but didn’t get any response, they were not even replying to his emails.

He lost all his hopes of getting his money back. Then after a year he came to Insurance Samadhan, we understood his case properly and afterwards we represented the facts of his case to the insurance company. Then they investigated the case and have refunded the premium which was paid by Mr. Bhanu Rishi.

We have helped over 12,000+ people all over the country related to the insurance issues they were facing like mis-selling of insurance policies, claim rejection, delay in claim settlement, lapsed policy, policy rejection by insurance companies and other NRI services.

Are you among one of those whose claim was rejected or you have been mis-sold an insurance policy then you can reach out us.

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