Buying Insurance? Read how to fill the form for faster claims

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Text transcription of the above video: Buying Insurance? Read how to fill the form for faster claims

Hello, My name is Deepak and I am a co-founder of Insurance Samadhan.

While taking up any Insurance, it is very important to know how to fill the form because it is a crucial legal document. So, I would start with the first important point that would be there in the form, which is, NAME. You would have to give the name of two people, the first one being the PROPOSER and the second one being the life to be insured. The proposer is the person who is responsible for proposing the policy and life to be insured is the person whose policy is going to be insured. For instance – The husband could be a proposer and the wife could be life to be insured. Father can be proposer and Children could be life to be insured. It is very important to fill the name with reference to the name mentioned in the governmental ID proof. The spelling should be the same as the one mentioned in the ID proof. The ID proof can be – PAN Card, Voter ID Card, or Ration card.

Let us understand name filling by an example!

My name is Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal. So, in the form, the first name would be Deepak, the middle name would be Bhuvneshwari and the last name would be Uniyal.

Hope this information was useful to you!

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