Common Problems you could face while Filing your Insurance Claim and what to do?

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Getting an insurance secures you from any and all unfortunate calamities of life. However, after filing a claim, you may encounter some problems. For example, the insurer company may refuse to pay the entire amount or pay a partial amount of what you claimed. We are here to guide you on what you can do if you face such problems-

Get Resolutions for Insurance Complaints

1. Reach out to your Insurer Company

Your Insurer company may possibly have a valid and reasonable basis as to why they have decided to reject your claim.  Therefore first things first, reach out to your Insurer company.

Check your policy guidelines, familiarise yourself with what is covered in your policy to ensure that you can submit a detailed complaint with best of your understanding.

If you think your complaint stands valid despite hearing their justification, you  can write  to your insurer and lodge a formal complaint. Give a more detailed account of your complaint  and inform them about what you would like them to do. At this point, ensure that you keep a record of the complaint.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your formal complaint, don’t worry, there’s still hope.

2. Filing a complaint with Final Ombudsman Service

The insurance watchdog, IRDAI is the final solution to all your insurance disputes. If you have a complaint about your insurer company or have an insurance dispute, you can reach out IRDAI and take it to the Financial Ombudsman  Service. This is a free of cost service which is available to you if you have already lodged a formal complaint with your company.

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Using mediation, Financial Ombudsman  Service will try to resolve your dispute. If not through mediation then they will initiate a formal investigation into your dispute. The final decision given at the end of the investigation is  binding to your insurer. Non-compliance to the terms of decision made by the Ombudsman is illegal and therefore, all companies easily comply.

However, please note that this decision is  not  binding to customers. In this scenario, if you still do not  agree with the final outcome, you can  sue the company and  take the insurer to  court.

Filing a legal complaint and going to court can be stressful and cost you a lot of money. However, this is your last resort  to claim your money.

We also want to point out to you that there are certain time limits for lodging a complaint with Ombudsman-

You must take your complaint to Ombudsman within-

  • Six months of receiving a final outcome from your insurer company.
  • Six years of the event that you are lodging a complain about.

The whole process of filing a formal complaint can be confusing, stressful and sometimes you  may require expert’s opinion or advise on your disputes, which is what we are here for-

3. Reach out to Insurance Samadhan

If you approach us at your first step or last, we are here to help at all times. Insurance Samadhan is the most trusted platform for  resolving insurance complaints in India. After encountering many dissatisfied customers over the past two decades, we created this online portal to provide you with a redressal platform.

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Our experts from the insurance industry will represent you with the insurance companies and will help you to find adequate redressal for your grievances. We find solutions to any insurance-related issue that include lapsed insurance policy, assistance in case settlement, claim recovery in case of insurance fraud, assistance to NRI’s in servicing their policies, and much more.

Our services include-

  1. Mis-selling of Insurance Policy
  2. Claim rejection
  3. Claim process
  4. Lapsed Policy
  5. Policy Rejection
  6. Service Issues
  7. NRI services and many more.

Get Resolutions for Insurance Complaints

To reach us at InsuranceSamadhan.com –

Call us at – 844 844 0626

Mail us at – corporate@insurancesamadhan.com

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