Health Insurance Claim Rejected of a person working in Insurance Company. See what happened next!

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Transcription of the above video :

My name is Mark. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal – the City of Joy. I just retired from Health Insurance as a zonal trainer for West Bengal. All three of us, my wife, me, and my son were detected covid-19. I was trying everywhere to get to the hospital but as you know, those times were very crucial and it was so difficult to get into a hospital. 

We somehow managed to get admission to Mercy Hospital, Park Street. After coming back home from the hospital, I started doing the process of Health Insurance as the hospital was not accepting the cashless from the Insurance Company. 

When I came back, I processed the claim online as the offices were closed and no hardcopy could be submitted. I think I must have interacted with the Insurance company over 20-25 times regarding my claim, both over calls and emails. The only thing we received was the claim numbers and not the claim amount. As far as my son’s case was concerned, nothing was intimated to us and suddenly we got a rejection letter, saying that my son is young and he shouldn’t be hospitalized and he could have done home treatment and that is why the claim of Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand was rejected. I was so disappointed and tense. I spoke to three lawyers and all of them suggested that I should go to the Consumer Forum. However, they assured me that it may take 3 months or 6 months but eventually, I’d get my claim. One thing that did not satisfy me was they were not explaining the process, they were more concerned to explain their fees and that really troubled me.

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One of my close friends who is a senior manager in one of the Health Insurance company suggested to me the name of the company “Insurance Samadhan“. So, when I explored the website of Insurance Samadhan, I was still apprehensive about it because everything has to be done online and no office was there in Kolkata. Still, I wrote to them, and believe me, within 24 hours, two of the members from Insurance Samadhan called me and asked me about the case. They were so kind and humble to guide me step by step throughout the process. I was expecting to have my claim back in two months or three months as other lawyers were saying. But, I got my claim of Rs 1 lakh 18 thousand within the span of one month. It was a big surprise and a moment of blessing for me. Thanks to Insurance Samadhan and their team members who helped me to receive my claim. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

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