How much insurance cover should be taken, keeping in mind the medical inflation? 

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Hello, Shailesh from Insurance Samadhan. Welcome to Insurance Samadhan. As you all are aware of the fact that insurance samadhan is a platform that helps people solve any insurance-related problems no matter whether the insurance is life insurance, home insurance, general insurance, etc.

 For the last 2 years, we are giving all our efforts to create a better ecosystem for our customers and we are happy to announce that in these 2 years we have received a hugely positive response and also wish the same in the future. 

So, as we discussed earlier also about the health insurance, which type of insurance will suit you, etc. and the main points we discussed there was like what 

  • If you are below 35 years then one should go for family floater plan, for your parents one should take senior citizen policy differently and should not include them in family floater; 
  • If you are above 45 years then it’s better to go for an individual floater plan as it will be very much convenient for you. 

Now the second question that comes into a customer’s mind is;

How much insurance cover should be taken, keeping in mind the medical inflation? 

So, the cover which insurance samadhan recommends is around ₹5 Lakhs. In this cover, one receives all the facilities required with a reasonable premium. Also, you can go ahead with a top-up cover of Rs 10 Lakhs, Rs 30 Lakhs up to Rs 1 Crore depending upon your requirement; with a base cover insurance of Rs 5 Lakhs, which is very much sufficient for any medical emergency. 

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Now coming to the Senior Citizen policy, it is recommended to take up a base cover of ₹1 Lakh which can cover your all basic medical expenses, and take another plan of Rs 5 Lakhs with Rs 1 Lakh deductible. Deductible meaning, that the insurance company where you have a Rs 1 Lakh base plan will not give you that money. So now you have a Rs 1 Lakh base plan for all your basic medical expenses, and other 5Lakhs (with 1Lakh deductible) plan for any severe medical expenses cover. 

Why I am saying deductible, again and again, is because as you increase the amount of deductible, your premium amount decreases. So, Insurance Samadha will recommend you to take up a base plan of Rs 1 Lakh and the second plan of Rs 5 Lakh with a 1 Lakh deductible.

Hope this piece of information helps you understand the best suitable Health Insurance for you!

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