Insurance Ombudsman- What to expect?

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We have 17 Insurance Ombudsman in India at different Locations. The Ombudsman can be approached by the complainant or through their legal hires, nominees or assignee. You can file a complaint against your Insurance Company.

This is an out of court settlement!

Please ensure that your case should not in the court of law at the time of submission of your complaint to the Ombudsman.

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When should I approach Ombudsman?

You need to first approach your Insurance Grievance Cell and give a written complaint to them. The Insurance Grievance Cell details are available on the Insurance company website. You will have the email Ids for some companies and for some will have online complaint registration form. Once you write to the Grievance cell you will be allocated a token number. You also have an option of escalating the complaint to the second mail ID on the website.

The company once reject your complaint or do not respond within 30 days of written complaint, you can file your complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman. You need to have the rejection letter from Insurance Company Grievance cell or at least the letter that you have written to the Insurance Company.

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Also the claim amount should be less than 30 lacs

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How to file the complaint to Insurance Ombudsman?

Download the complaint form and fill it

Attach the complaint mail sent to the insurance company

Attach the rejection letter (if received)

Copy of the policy document

You need to submit the document to the Ombudsman Office. Please check the website for the nearest Insurance Ombudsman in your Jurisdiction.

What will happen once the complaint is filed?

The Ombudsman office will check the complaint and if accepted will sent you a complaint number along with a detailed form to be filled.

Please fill the form and resubmit to the Ombudsman Office within 15 days of receipt

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How will I be notified on the date?

After submission of the detailed form, the Ombudsman will communicate the date and time of interaction on your registered address by letter

What will happen at Ombudsman Office?

The Ombudsman will listen to your complaint and will also listen to the plea by the Insurance company and based on the discussion will pass a reward which the insurer needs to comply with.

What can we do if we are not satisfied with the decision of Insurance Ombudsman?

In that case you can approach the consumer court.

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