Leveraging IRDAI’s Grievance Redressal Mechanism: Your Rights as a Consumer

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An Overview 

Insurance is a critical part of financial planning, providing us with the much-needed safety net during unforeseen events. However, there may be instances when you feel dissatisfied with your insurance provider’s services, claim settlement, or any other aspect of your policy. In such cases, it’s essential to know your rights as a consumer and how you can seek resolution. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has established a robust grievance redressal mechanism to protect policyholders’ interests and ensure they receive fair treatment. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of IRDAI’s grievance redressal mechanism and how you can leverage it to safeguard your rights as an insurance consumer

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Understanding IRDAI and its role

IRDAI stands for Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing and regulating the insurance industry in India. Its primary mission is to ensure the fair treatment of policyholders while promoting the growth and stability of the insurance sector.

One of IRDAI’s essential functions is the establishment of a grievance redressal mechanism. This mechanism is designed to address policyholders’ complaints and concerns promptly and fairly.

Your rights as an Insurance Consumer

As an insurance consumer, you have certain fundamental rights that IRDAI aims to protect:

  1. Transparency: You have the right to clear and concise information about your insurance policy, including its terms, conditions, and coverage details. Insurers must provide all relevant information at the time of purchase. Also, in case of claim rejection, the customer has the complete right to ask for the reasons on the basis of which the insurance company has repudiated the claim.
  2. Fair treatment: You should expect to be treated fairly and ethically by your insurance provider. Discrimination or unfair practices are not acceptable.
  3. Timely settlement of the claim: If you file a legitimate claim, your insurance company is obligated to process it promptly and fairly. Delays without valid reasons are not acceptable. As per the guidelines of IRDAI, any insurer must approve or reject the claim within 30 days of the filing.
  4. Grievance Redressal: If you have a complaint or grievance related to your insurance policy or insurer’s services, you have the right to seek resolution through the insurer and also, various channels of Grievance Redressal tailored by IRDAI.

Leveraging IRDAI’s Grievance Redressal Mechanism 

The IRDAI Grievance department addresses policyholder complaints across life, non-life, and health insurance sectors, encouraging complainants to first approach their respective insurers. IRDAI facilitates resolution by liaising with insurers, conducting investigations when necessary. Additionally, IRDAI offers an alternative channel, the Bima Shikayat – IRDAI Grievance Call Centre (IGCC), via a Toll-Free Number (155255), enabling complaint registration and status tracking. 

Moreover, IRDAI’s “Bima Bharosa” (formerly known as “Integrated Grievance Management System”) provides a comprehensive online platform for policyholders, allowing centralized access and control for monitoring market conduct, categorizing complaints, assigning unique IDs, and enforcing Target Turnaround Times (TAT) with rule-based workflow automation.

If your complaint receives no response from the insurer or if the company declines to settle the claim, you have the option to escalate the matter to the Office of Insurance Ombudsman, also known as Bima Lokpal. This institution serves as a Grievance Redressal platform dedicated to resolving concerns of dissatisfied policyholders, encompassing personal lines of insurance, group policies, coverage for sole proprietorships, and micro-enterprises. It operates independently, aiming to provide cost-effective and unbiased resolutions for grievances involving insurance companies, agents, and intermediaries.

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What are the matters related to the Insurance Ombudsman?

  1. Policyholders with claims-related disputes approaching the Authority are recommended to seek resolution through the Insurance Ombudsman.
  2. Appeals against decisions made by the Insurance Ombudsman or delays in receiving their awards are addressed by the Council for Insurance Ombudsman (CIO).
  3. Complaints concerning insurance companies failing to comply with Ombudsman’s rulings are handled, originating from both policyholders and Ombudsman offices.
  4. Compilation of data regarding complaints processed and resolved by the Insurance Ombudsman. Data provided by the CIO is utilized for inclusion in the Annual Report and other informational purposes.
  5. Valuable suggestions and inputs from the Ministry and Ombudsmen in their Annual Reports are considered for engagement with relevant stakeholders.
  6. Analysis of Ombudsman’s Awards is conducted to assess and understand their outcomes.



In conclusion, insurance is a vital part of financial planning, offering a safety net for unforeseen events. However, dissatisfaction with insurance providers can arise, leading to concerns about services, claim settlements, or policy-related matters. To protect policyholders’ interests, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has established a robust grievance redressal mechanism. This mechanism grants consumers rights like transparency, fair treatment, and timely claim settlement, allowing them to address grievances. By following specific steps, including filing complaints with insurers and utilizing IRDAI’s grievance channels, policyholders can navigate these issues effectively. If necessary, they can also seek recourse through the Office of Insurance Ombudsman. IRDAI’s commitment to consumer protection underscores the importance of a fair and responsive Indian insurance industry, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders.

By- Shivani Modi

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