Navigating Health Insurance challenges – Mrs. Mehra (Case study)

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Health insurance is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. India has witnessed a significant increase in the number of health insurance policyholders. Health insurance plans not only offer affordable healthcare services but also provide financial stability during healthcare emergencies. However, policyholders often face challenges that can be overwhelming and frustrating. These challenges include the complexity of terms, delayed processes, insufficient claim settlements, and outright denials.

Hurdles in Healthcare Insurance Claim Processing

One common scenario is getting hospitalised and facing unexpected hurdles from your health insurance provider. For example, consider the case of a patient who was admitted for emergency surgery. Despite having a policy that supposedly covered such emergencies, the hospitalisation led to an unpleasant shock. The insurer claimed the condition was pre-existing and did not declare it when purchasing the policy. Consequently, they only agreed to settle a fraction of the total bill, leaving the patient to handle most of the financial burden themselves. Hence, knowing the correct healthcare claim process is very important; otherwise, it leads to short settlements, claim delays, or even health insurance claim rejections.

Case Study: Mrs Mehra’s Fight for Fair Reimbursement

Mrs Mehra, a 58-year-old retiree, found herself in a similar situation. After experiencing severe abdominal pain, she was rushed to the hospital and underwent an urgent appendectomy. Her health insurance was supposed to cover such emergencies and the associated medical expenses. After the surgery, Mrs Mehra submitted her health insurance claim for the total surgery and hospital stay, which amounted to ₹3,00,000.

To her dismay, her insurance provider denied her claim. They cited non-disclosure of a minor, unrelated health condition as the reason for the denial, which Mrs Mehra had thought too trivial to report. Mrs Mehra felt helpless and stressed when she was given a huge medical bill to pay.

That’s when Mrs. Mehra learned about Insurance Samadhan. She reached out to us, providing all her medical documents and communication with her insurance company. The experts at Insurance Samadhan reviewed her case thoroughly. They concluded that the denial was unjust as the non-disclosed condition was not relevant to her emergency surgery. The experts provided her insight and gave her resolutions regarding how she should re-file the claim.

After a thorough review and several rounds of negotiations, Mrs. Mehra’s efforts bore fruit. The insurance company acknowledged the oversight and processed Mrs Mehra’s claim. She received the total outstanding amount of ₹2,50,000 that was initially denied. This resolution by Insurance Samadhan provided Mrs Mehra with financial relief and restored her faith in the effectiveness of professional advocacy in resolving insurance disputes.


Mrs. Mehra’s story is a testament to the challenges many face with health insurance claims and the importance of knowing how to navigate these challenges. It highlights the critical role of services like Insurance Samadhan, which provides the needed expertise and support to contest unfair insurance company decisions. For anyone facing similar issues, contact us to get professional help to overcome obstacles with your health insurance claims.

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