Protect your car this monsoon with add-on insurance covers

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People eagerly wait for the arrival of monsoons as it provides relief from the scorching heats of the summer. However, along with the pleasant change, the rainy season also presents challenges. In cities with inadequate drainage systems, heavy rainfall can pose difficulties for car owners. Many cars end up breaking down on flooded roads, and engine damage becomes a common issue. Heavy rain can cause trees or poles to uproot and damage cars parked on roads. While you may not be able to prevent your car from getting stuck in waterlogged areas or sustaining damage, you can take proactive measures like getting the correct add-on insurance covers to ensure hassle-free repairs and saving up on a lot of money.

Protect your car this monsoon with add-on insurance covers larger

How to save your car during the monsoon?

Comprehensive car insurances provide coverage against damages and losses due to natural calamities, man-made disasters, thefts, accidents etc.

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However, it does not cover damages caused due to waterlogging or flooding like engine failure. Therefore, you can prepare your car for the monsoon by having the right add-on cover in your comprehensive insurance policy. Here is a list of important add-on covers that you may like to consider:

  1. Engine Protection Cover – Cars with low ground clearance get damaged during monsoon on water-clogged roads. Seizure of engines can cause heavy financial losses and a normal motor policy does not cover these damages. The Engine Protection add-on, covers the cost of repairing or replacement of engine parts damaged due to water ingression, leakage of the lubricant, and so on.
  2. Consumables Cover – Your comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover for the cost of consumable items like screws, engine and gearbox oil, air & oil filter, nuts & bolts, bearings, etc. and you will have to pay from your pocket for these expenses while settling the bill. If your car gets damaged in a flood, cyclone or storm, you do not have to bear the cost of consumables yourself if you have the consumables add-on cover.
  3. Roadside Assistance Cover – This add-on provides assistance if your car breaks down on the road for any reason, whether it is a mishap due to rain, a flat tire or getting stuck somewhere. Since the possibility of cars getting stuck in a water-clogged area is high during the rainy season, this cover is recommended.
  4. Zero Depreciation Cover – Depreciation of the parts of your car is considered while settling a claim. Having a zero depreciation cover will compensate you for the cost of the repair without considering the depreciated car parts and saves out-of-pocket expenses. While zero depreciation covers all the vehicle components, there is 50% coverage for batteries, tires and tubes.
  5. Return to Invoice – If your damaged car is beyond repair or deemed a total loss, the insurance company compensates you with the IDV or the approximate market value of the car. Return to invoice add-on helps you get the car’s original value mentioned in the car’s invoice, including registration charges and road tax, instead of its depreciated value.
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Tips to Protect Your Car during Monsoon

  1.  Maintenance: Regularly check brakes, tires, wipers, and lights.
  2. Tires: Ensure proper inflation and tread depth for better grip.
  3. Clean and Protect: Keep your car clean and apply a protective coating.
  4. Wipers and Rainproofing: Check wipers and use a rain-repellent solution.
  5. Interior Protection: Use mats and covers to prevent water damage.
  6. Avoid Waterlogged Areas: Be cautious and find alternative routes if necessary.
  7. Smart Parking: Choose covered or elevated areas for parking.
  8. Safe Driving: Maintain distance, reduce speed, and use headlights.

 Factors to consider while buying car insurance add-ons

Evaluating specific needs and risks is important before buying an add-on cover. Factors such as the car’s age, condition, driving frequency, distance, and local climate should be taken into account. Comparing options from different insurers is also recommended, considering factors like features, benefits, exclusions, limitations, and costs.

It is important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the coverage to avoid any claim rejections, delays or claim-short settlement in the future. In the event that you encounter any such situations, you can contact Insurance Samadhan. We have helped 15,000+ people in resolving insurance claim-related cases. We are always here to help you!

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