International Women’s Day 2022: Top Reasons why women should take equal interest in buying insurance as men

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Preeti is a software engineer with experience of over 7 years. She is married to Aneesh for 5 years. She is a firm believer of equality and often talks about how education is important to everyone and how every woman should work. She herself is very hardworking and totally dedicated to her job. However, when it comes to managing the finances of her family, she prefers Aneesh to take care of it all. Well, is that real women empowerment? Does only going out and working with an MNC empower you? If something happens to Aneesh, life will not be very easy for Preeti because of her dependent nature, right?

Gone are the times when only the men will take care of the finances. These days, women get the same kind of education as men. Therefore, they deserve to take interest in choosing an insurance product for themselves. They should also buy a health insurance plan as well as a life insurance policy, as per their need. They also deserve to get the best medical treatment, and this is why they must buy a health insurance plan as soon as they become financially independent.

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Since international women’s day is around the corner, it is time women should be enlightened about the importance of insurance. If your partner, sister, or even daughter does not take much interest in the discussions related to insurance, it is time you should talk to them about it. Let us discuss some of the points on why women must purchase insurance.

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5 Reasons why women should buy an insurance policy on this Women’s Day

  1. Longevity of Life: Going by the statistic, women live longer than men. And since it is a capitalist world, women must be financially independent to survive without any hiccups. And as you live a longer life, you will have to take more responsibilities to keep things going smoother. The insurance benefits can be of great help in that case.
  2. Health Complications: There are certain health complications that only women go through. Considering the health risks, women need to understand the importance of health insurance. Even if they need to be hospitalized, the health insurance coverage will help them to get the best treatment without making a hole in their pockets. You can check out the health insurance for women and choose the best one that suits your needs. Make sure you go only for the best health insurance in the market that gives you the highest benefits.
  3. Single Parents: If you are a single parent, you know the hurdles you often face. Also, you have a huge responsibility of keeping your children financially secure, single-handedly. Therefore, you need to invest in a life insurance policy. Even if something unfortunate happens to you, your children will have some kind of financial support.
  4. Home-Maker: Often not acknowledged, home-makers make a huge contribution to the family. From being a chef to a tutor, and taking care of so many other things, she wears so many caps. If she, unfortunately, passes away, the family has to be dependent on others for each task and this would need funds. Therefore, you must buy a life insurance product that promises to offer you a maturity amount.
  5. Post-Retirement: Once you are retired, it may not be possible for you to maintain the same lifestyle. However, investing in an insurance policy that can offer you financial support even after retirement can be a great idea. However, you have to look for particular insurance policies that can support you even after retirement.
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If you have been confused about the stage of life when you should buy an insurance policy, let international women’s day 2022 be it. Let women’s day 2022 be the time when you actually go ahead and empower yourself. And if you are a man who is confused about the perfect gift for your partner, buy her a life insurance or health insurance policy at the earliest. This will not only help her make more money out of the money she is already making but will also make her more confident about herself. She will feel valued.

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Nevertheless, before you buy any insurance product, make sure you have thorough knowledge about it and also ensure not to hide anything from your insurance provider. Keeping everything crystal clear from your part will help you to claim your sum insured without any problem. Also, enter the right details in the forms that you get while buying an insurance plan. You can check out as many insurance companies and thoroughly read all the terms and conditions of the policy that you are interested in. This will keep you away from any kind of surprises in the future.

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