Should I declare my alcohol & nicotine consumption habits?

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Transcription of the Should I declare my alcohol & nicotine consumption habits? :

Today I will be writing about one of the most important aspects of the proposal form which is regarding the habits of drinking and smoking. In the form, you will be asked about the frequency with which you consume alcohol – whether it is regularly, weekly, monthly or you consume it occasionally?, Since when are you consuming alcohol and in what quantity? All this information needs to be declared in the proposal form.

Similarly, the same goes with the smoking habits or consumption of any nicotine product. You need to mention the frequency in which you smoke – regularly, weekly, monthly, or occasionally?, Since when are you consuming nicotine, and in what quantity? If you have quit drinking and smoking, then this information needs to be mentioned too and since when you have quit. This information is necessary because, at the time of hospitalization, your doctor and Insurance Company would get to know about these habits and if you have not declared in the proposal form at the time of proposal, then the insurance company would reject your claim on the charge of “material fact of drinking and smoking was not declared by you”. That is why you should always fill the proposal form by yourself. This is a minor caution which you should be careful of in order to avoid rejection of the claim. Hope this piece of information was useful to you!

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