Understanding Insurance Claim Rejection

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Insurance is a crucial financial tool that protects individuals against unforeseen risks. However, in some cases, insurance companies may reject insurance claims, leaving policyholders clueless. It is important to understand the reasons behind insurance claim rejections in the Indian insurance industry, providing insights into the process and offering guidance for policyholders.

Understanding Insurance Claim Rejection

Insurance Claims Process 

Understanding the insurance claims process is crucial in ensuring that policyholders receive the compensation they are entitled to during unforeseen events. Policyholders must follow a certain claims process and furnish the relevant insurance-related documents to file an insurance claim. By understanding the steps involved, reviewing policy terms, providing accurate information, and seeking appropriate guidance when needed, policyholders can enhance their chances of a successful and efficient claims experience.

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Common Reasons for Insurance Claim Rejections

Insurance claim rejections can occur due to various reasons. This section is divided into life and health insurance that will discuss some common factors that lead to claim rejections in the Indian insurance industry.

Health Insurance 

  • Non-disclosure of pre-existing conditions: Failure to disclose pre-existing medical conditions or previous insurance claims may result in denials.:
  • Waiting Period: Certain treatments or conditions may have a waiting period before being covered. Claims filed during this waiting period may be rejected.
  • Delay in submission of documents: There are timelines by which the claim documents should be submitted to the insurer. A delay in submission can cause claim rejections.
  • Discrepancy in Documents: Insufficient or incorrect documentation, such as medical reports, bills, and prescriptions, can result in claim rejection. Submitting all necessary documents per the insurer’s requirements is crucial.

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Life Insurance

  • Policy Lapse: Claims filed after the insurance has expired or for nonpayment of premiums may be rejected. You must keep your policy current and pay your premiums on time.
  • Non-updation of the Nominee: if the nominee needs to be updated or no nominee is mentioned, the claim settlement can be rejected.
  • Hiding other life insurance policies: Disclosing any different insurance policy before buying a new one is important. It is a very common reason for claim rejection. 
  • Wrong Occupation: If the insured is unemployed or on a contract job and has not mentioned the same in the proposal form. If he is engaged in a risky occupation and the same is not declared can lead to rejection
  • Non- Disclosure of pre-existing diseases/ Disorders: it’s crucial to disclose any PED or disorders when applying for health insurance. Being transparent ensures a smooth claim process and avoids any complications later.
  • Wrong Declaration of Income: Be honest about your income to ensure proper coverage and a hassle-free claims experience.

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Tips to Avoid Claim Rejections

Policyholders can take specific proactive measures to minimize the chances of claim rejection. Let us take a look at it: 

  • Reading and understanding the policy terms and conditions thoroughly.
  • Disclosing all relevant information accurately during the application process.
  • Maintaining proper documentation and records related to the insured items or events.
  • Reporting claims promptly and adhering to the prescribed timelines.

Ways to Resolve Disputes

Different ways exist to resolve an insurance claim rejection. One option is to seek help from regulatory bodies like Bima Bharosa and Insurance Ombudsman, but sometimes it can be challenging for policyholders needing more knowledge to present their cases effectively. Insurance Samadhan bridges the gap and provides expert assistance to help you recover your money.

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Insurance claim rejection could be a better experience for policyholders. Understanding the most prevalent reasons for claim rejection is critical for avoiding such situations and ensuring a smooth claims settlement procedure. Reading all the terms and conditions thoroughly before buying an insurance policy is important.

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