What are the most common reasons for Health Claims Rejection: The Series: Part 6

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There might be a situation when you are unhappy with your current health insurer and want to switch to a new one. There could be multiple reasons behind this decision, such as dissatisfaction with services, seeking better coverage, or competitive pricing. But what is the solution? Well, health insurance portability comes to the rescue in such scenarios, offering policyholders the flexibility to switch to a different insurer without losing their policy benefits. 

What is Health Insurance Portability?

Health insurance portability allows individuals to switch from one health insurance plan to another within the same insurance company or to a different one. This can be done at the time of plan renewal. By opting for portability, you retain the renewal benefits that would have been applicable if you had continued with your existing plan. These renewal benefits encompass various advantages and incentives the insurance company provides for policyholders who continue their coverage. 

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Things To Know Before You Port Your Policy 

  • Eligibility: Check with your current insurance provider to ensure your policy is eligible for porting. Usually, health insurance policies can be ported only at the time of renewal.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB): You might be eligible for a No Claim Bonus if you have not made any claims during the policy term. Ensure that the NCB is transferred to the new policy during porting.
  • Relevant Documents: Be prepared with all the necessary documents, such as the portability form, previous policy documents, and health check-up reports.
  • Premium Payment: Timely premium payment is crucial. Make sure you pay the premiums on time to avoid policy lapses.

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Reasons for Claim Rejection 

  • Insufficient/Incorrect Documentation: One of the reasons for health insurance portability claim rejection is submitting incomplete or inaccurate documentation. During the claim process, you must provide various documents, such as the portability request form, existing policy details, policy documents, and health check-up reports (if necessary). Failing to provide essential copies or furnishing incorrect information can lead to rejection.
  • Non-Disclosure: Honesty and transparency are crucial when claiming health insurance. Non-disclosure of pre-existing medical conditions or providing misleading information can lead to the rejection of your claim request. To avoid health claim rejection due to non-disclosure, always declare your pre-existing conditions truthfully and accurately while applying for health insurance portability.

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Who Can Help?

If your insurance claim is rejected, delayed, or not fully settled, contact Insurance Samadhan for help. We have assisted over 15,000 people with insurance claim cases and are always here to support you!


In conclusion, health insurance portability offers a way to switch to a new insurer while retaining policy benefits. Ensure eligibility, preserve the No Claim Bonus, and provide accurate documentation. But there are many cases where health claims get rejected for the reasons we mentioned. If you are a victim and feel like your claim was unlawfully rejected, please contact Insurance Samadhan. 

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