What are the most common reasons for Health Claims Rejection: The Series: Part 9

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Claim rejection due to Google Timeline Mismatch

Technology has revolutionized our lives, making miracles possible in our modern world. Smartphones are crucial to this tech revolution, simplifying our daily routines. We carry them everywhere, even to hospitals. 

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The Issue

We all understand the importance of smartphones in our lives and also the fact that they help us find solutions in difficult situations, but the issue here is dependency on these devices.

While entrusting our smartphones to close relatives during hospitalization is common, please note that insurance investigators might ask for your phone in order to check your google maps timelines at the time of hospitalization.

A mismatch in the same against your actual location might lead to insurance claims rejection.

Case Study

A recent incident caught our attention when we received a call from Mr. Praveen Kumar, whose health insurance claim was rejected because the smartphone displayed a different location, and not the hospital during the dates of his hospitalization.

The rejection letter stated “misrepresentation of facts.” None of us could have imagined such a scenario where an insurance company would go to such lengths to check the authenticity of the claim, but the fact is that nowadays this has turned into common practice. 

The Complainant, Mr. Praveen Kumar (Insured Person – IP), filed a health claim for hospitalization expenses due to acute hepatitis. The Respondent Insurer (RI) denied the claim on the grounds of misrepresentation, specifically highlighting the Google timeline data of his mobile phone. According to the RI, the IP’s Google timeline showed regular visits to his workplace during hospitalization, raising doubts about the claim’s authenticity.

Due to this, his health claim was denied.

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Understanding the Timeline Issue

The timeline issue in health insurance claims refers to discrepancies in smartphone location data during hospitalization. Insurance companies use this data to verify claims’ authenticity. Policyholders should be cautious, ensuring their claims align with the hospitalization period. 

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Well, it is the insurance company’s duty to check all the facts and decide upon them. The learning is that we ensure to avoid such scenarios in order to save our claim amount by either keeping our phone with us or keeping a record of the same officially if given to someone along with proofs.

Google Timeline Mismatch

What if Your Claim Gets Rejected?

Multiple factors are involved when you claim health insurance, and health insurance companies thoroughly scrutinize them. If anything is missing or found inappropriate, it can lead to claim rejection.

If you think that your genuine insurance claim has been rejected, feel free to contact Insurance Samadhan. We will be happy to assist you. Also, we have already resolved more than 15000 cases and helped our customers get their hard-earned money back.

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