What features to look for while buying health insurance?

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What features to look for in while buying health insurance?

Transcription of the above video: What features to look for while buying health insurance?

What features to look for while buying health insurance?

Hello, Shailesh from Insurance Samadhan. We welcome you all to this blog and we would learn about what features to look for while purchasing Health Insurance. Sometimes, everything that looks economical and cheap is not worth it because Insurance products should be comprehensive and benefit the customers. 

There are several features that should be kept in mind while purchasing a policy.

  1. The very first one is pre and post hospitalisation. It means that the company must provide hospitalisation expenses prior 30 days of admission in hospital. Post hospitalisation means the company should cover expenses after discharging from hospital till the period of 30 or 60 days. 
  2. The second feature to look at in a Health Insurance is the daycare. Most of the Insurance companies cover insured products after 24 hours of admission. So, you should know whether daycare facilities are being provided by your Insurance Companies or not.
  3. The next feature which is to be looked at is the OPD care. Although, OPD expenses are comparatively less and you must be aware of the OPD members at your home. I would recommend you to avoid taking OPD cover as the expense will be more as compared to the cover given by the Insurance Company.
  4. The next feature which is required in Insurance Companies is maternity benefit. The maximum limit for maternity products is Rs 75 000. If your family has crossed the phase of planning baby, then you should not go for insurance which has maternity benefits included in it.
  5. The last feature of best Health Insurance is whether the Health Insurance is providing ambulance expenses in it or not.
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Always remember to look for the above factors while taking up any Health Insurance plan.

May you have a happy buying of Health Insurance.

Thank you!

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