Why Health Insurance Matters: 5 Key Reasons to Invest in Your Youth

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In such a changing and unpredictable world, health is the most important thing that one can secure. Health insurance will not be a topic of concern for many. But being an adult, healthy, and wise is a state where one should make intelligent decisions. Investing in health insurance at a young age brings different benefits. However, before purchasing health insurance, it is necessary to understand its advantages. Now, let’s explore the benefits of buying health insurance when you are young.

5 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance at an Early Age

I am young and fit. Why do I need health insurance now? This is a common question that every youngster goes through. When young, many consider investing in health insurance an unnecessary burden due to existing financial obligations associated with career paths, education, and personal development. Even at this stage, diseases and health-related issues often stay at bay, so youngsters and young adults keep neglecting it and later pay higher premiums for lesser coverage. So, to safeguard yourself from future health-related expenses, you must cover yourself with health insurance.

Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of buying health insurance at a young age ;

1. Lower Premiums

One of the most common reasons to invest in health insurance at an early age is the advantage of low premiums. Most insurance companies treat young adults as low-risk clients; therefore, the same package or services offered to an older person would cost them two to four times more than a younger individual. That is why making an early investment in health insurance is considered a smart decision.

2. All-Round Protection from Lesser-Known Health Risks

By no means, young adults are immune to health issues; only some are fit and healthy. Early investment in health insurance ensures that you are covered against several medical conditions. It makes sure that a health emergency doesn’t give you stress and financial burden. In the meantime, comprehensive coverage builds a sense of assurance against unexpected medical expenditures.

3. NCB benefit

Most health insurance plans provide an NCB benefit for every year without a claim, which allows the sum assured to increase without incurring additional premium costs. This is one of the benefits you can get if you invest in health insurance at an early stage. After a specific time, you may have accumulated a sizable no-claim bonus, which will increase the value of your policy as you get older without raising the premium.

4. Avoid Waiting Period

Most health policies have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions, which can range from months to years. However, if you secure health insurance at a young age, you can avoid the waiting period because you will probably surmount it while being healthy. This strategic step ensures that you are covered against most diseases and can claim them at the right time. 

5. Early Detection 

Last but not least, one can offer care to themselves and their family. Access to early detection of health problems is another reason to get health insurance when you’re still young. Health insurance coverage frequently covers preventive treatment, such as vaccinations, screenings, and examinations. These preventive measures help identify potential health problems, allowing timely intervention and treatment.


Investing in health insurance during the youthful years may seem a waste of time and money, especially when health is at its peak. However, the benefit of such a health insurance claim can always be emphasised. It benefits from enjoying low premiums and comprehensive, adequate coverage, building up a no-claim bonus, and even insuring pre-existing conditions post-waiting periods. Investing in your health when you’re young shows how much you value your time and the time of your loved ones. It gives you peace of mind, which is essential. Life can be unpredictable, so health insurance is a good idea. It’s not just a backup plan when things go wrong. But it’s wise to protect your health and money from an early age. Getting health insurance now is something your future self will thank you for. Let’s focus on prioritising our health and work towards a better, healthier future.

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