Why Insurance Claims Get Rejected: Common Pitfalls and Prevention

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An Overview

Insurance is a crucial safety net that provides financial protection when unexpected events occur. Whether it’s health, auto, home, or any other type of insurance, policyholders expect their claims to be honoured promptly and fairly. However, insurance claims can sometimes be rejected, leaving policyholders frustrated and financially burdened. In this blog, we’ll explore the common pitfalls that lead to rejected insurance claims and discuss ways to prevent these issues.

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Common reasons that can get your insurance claim rejected

  1. Lack of understanding about policy terms and conditions: Whenever you purchase an insurance policy, you must be aware about the coverages, exclusions, sub-limits and other terms and conditions of the policy. If anything remains unclear, it is advisable to seek clarification from your intermediary or insurance provider.
  2. Failure to disclose past history and habits: In the insurance industry, both the insurer and the insured are expected to adhere to the principle of utmost good faith. This means that both parties must be honest and disclose all relevant information at the time of policy purchase.
  3. Insufficient documentation: There are instances when insurance claims are rejected due to a lack of essential documents related to the case. Therefore, when filing a claim, it is imperative to ensure that every necessary document is submitted meticulously to the insurance company. Failure to do so may result in claim rejection.
  4. Misconduct or misrepresentation: In certain cases, insurance claims face rejection due to negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the policyholder. For instance, a health insurance claim may be denied if the insured concealed a pre-existing condition during policy inception and then attempted to claim it was detected after the policy began. To avoid such rejections, it is essential to act responsibly and avoid engaging in any form of misconduct.
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  5. Non-payment of premiums: A straightforward yet critical reason for claim rejection is the non-payment of premiums. If your insurance policy lapses due to missed payments, your coverage becomes invalid, and any subsequent claims will be denied. To prevent such rejections, it is vital to ensure timely payment of premiums.
  6. Treatment in excluded providers: One of the most common reasons for the rejection of a health insurance claim is seeking treatment from a provider blacklisted or excluded by the insurance companies. Details of such providers are typically available on the insurance company’s portal. Therefore, before seeking admission, it’s essential to confirm that your hospital is not on this list, unless it involves a life-threatening condition, which is an exception.
  7. Permanent Exclusions: Every insurance policy includes exclusions—situations or circumstances that are not covered. Policyholders may not always be aware of these exclusions, leading to claim denial when they file a claim related to an excluded event. Therefore, it’s very important to review your policy and its coverage thoroughly before making a claim.

What’s to be done if your claim has been rejected

If your insurance claim has been rejected, and you are dissatisfied with the justification provided by the insurance company, you can reach out to the Grievance Redressal Team of your insurer. Alternatively, you can contact Insurance Samadhan, a professional service that specializes in resolving rejected claims. They have successfully assisted over 15,000 people with insurance claim rejections.

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In conclusion, understanding why insurance claims get rejected and taking proactive steps to prevent these common pitfalls is essential for every policyholder. By educating oneself about policy terms, being honest and transparent, maintaining proper documentation, and acting responsibly, individuals can greatly reduce the risk of having their insurance claims denied.

By- Shivani Modi

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