Why Regularly Reviewing Your Insurance Policies is a Smart Practice?

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Importance of Regularly Reviewing Your Insurance Policies

Insurance policies play a critical role in safeguarding our financial well-being and providing peace of mind. They act as a safety net, protecting us from the unexpected twists and turns of life. However, simply purchasing insurance and then forgetting about it is not enough. Regularly reviewing your insurance policies is a smart practice that can help ensure you have the right coverage for your evolving needs. In this blog, we’ll explore why periodic policy reviews are essential for your financial security.

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  • Life changes: Stay in Sync with your current situation: Life is dynamic, and as you progress through its various stages, your insurance needs may change. Major life events such as getting married, having children, buying a house, or sending kids to college can significantly impact your insurance requirements. Reviewing your policies ensures that they align with your current situation. For example, a newlywed couple may need to adjust their life insurance coverage to protect their spouse adequately.
  • Policy updates and new features: Insurance companies frequently update their policies and may offer new features or endorsements that can enhance your coverage. By regularly reviewing your policies, you can take advantage of these improvements. For instance, an insurance provider might introduce a new rider that covers identity theft, which can be particularly beneficial in the digital age
  • Coverage gaps: Failure to review your insurance policies may result in coverage gaps. These gaps can leave you exposed to financial risks in the event of a claim. Let’s consider Rani’s situation. Rani suddenly began experiencing severe stomach pain and a high fever. She sought medical help at a nearby hospital, where the doctor recommended hospitalization. However, her claim was denied because she was admitted to an excluded hospital not covered by her insurance policy. Hence, by conducting regular reviews, you can identify and address any gaps in your coverage.
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  • Legal and regulatory changes: Insurance regulations and laws can change over time as per IRDA (Insurance Regulation and Development Authority of India). Your policies should be in compliance with these updates to ensure you’re adequately protected and not at risk of any legal issues. Staying informed about regulatory changes and reviewing your policies accordingly is essential.
  • Disclosure of information: If you’re dissatisfied with your current insurance provider and are considering transferring your policy to a different insurer, it is crucial to ensure that during the porting process, you provide all the relevant information about your previous claims and hospitalization history to the new insurer. It’s important to confirm that the disclosed information has been accurately documented in the new policy.
  • Change in career: A shift in one’s career often goes hand in hand with changes in personal finances. Whether it’s a promotion, a salary increase, or an unexpected bonus, these changes necessitate new financial decisions. When your income rises, it’s prudent to consider increasing your total sum assured to align with your evolving lifestyle needs. It’s advisable to review your insurance policy whenever you experience an uptick in your earnings. Conversely, if you face a job loss, it may be necessary to cut down on daily expenses. While it’s generally not recommended to halt premium payments for any reason, you can explore the option of discussing a reduction in premium costs for the current year with your insurer.


Addressing future insurance needs is paramount. A policy bought 5 or 10 years ago may no longer suit your current requirements. Experts strongly advocate periodic reviews of life insurance policies to determine if the coverage remains in sync with your financial situation. In fact, many financial advisors recommend an annual policy reassessment due to the evolving nature of our daily needs.

By Shivani Modi

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