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Are you a victim of insurance mis-selling, fraud or claim rejection ?

Poonam just recovered 4.5 lakhs from her insurance provider for being mis-sold a policy. Were you also mis-sold a policy or sold with wrong promises ?
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Many customers complain about being misguided by their insurance providers. After encountering many such dissatisfied customers over the past two decades, we created this online portal to provide them with a redressal platform.

Our experts from the insurance industry will represent you with the insurance companies and will help you to find adequate redressal for your grievances.

At Insurance Samadhan, we find solutions to any insurance-related issue that include lapsed insurance policy, assistance in case settlement, claim recovery in case of insurance fraud, assistance to NRI's in servicing their policies, and much more.

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  • Deepak Uniyal Co-Founder & CEO
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What people say about us

“My client Mr. VM Jain bought three policies from Birla Sun Life but never received a single policy document or even a Policy number. Insurance Samadhan contacted Birla Sun Life and the company understood the problem and successfully tracked the policy from a single bank transaction and relocated the funds even though the original policy was lapsed. Thanks to Insurance Samadhan, Mr. VM Jain finds his faith in insurance restored. ”

Poonam Jain Advisor, Max life insurance

”My parents live in the village of Azamgar in UP and when my mother needed medical attention to help with the sharp pains in her eye, she was taken to a doctor in Benaras. The treatment lasted 4 sittings and the bill amounted to 1 lakh and 10 thousand Rupees. To get this amount reimbursed I had to submit all the papers in person at the office in Benaras all the way from Delhi but my claim was rejected repeatedly. After my third travel and 7 months, I decided to seek out Insurance Samadhan, who told me exactly who to talk to and where to find them. Thanks to Insurance Samadan, within a month I received my claim.”

Sunil Kumar Insurance agent

”I am really thankful to the insurance samadhan team for helping in out in making my claim process easy and fast. They have solved my two claim process of health insurance which the company has rejected in cashless claim. The whole team of insurance samadhan is very helpful and polite and give assistance throughout the settlement process.”

Sneha Chaudhary Housewife

”Perfect place I forget my money but insurance samadhan done at up in hill task thanks for all of insurance samadhan team.”

Sanju Pathak Businessman

”The insurance samadhan was really helpful in claiming my amount from the insurance company as it was rejected for silly reason I really thank and appreciate the work insurance samadhan team.”

Mutahir Hussain

Grievance Redressal

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Are you a victim of fraud or inappropriate documentation?

When buying the policy did it sound too good to be true?

A policy may be sold to you based on a false promise or incorrect information that includes, but is not limited to, Product Type, Premium Frequency, Risk cover duration, Maturity Value, Annuity, Tax implications, Terms and Conditions, Commission and ULIP.

  • Misselling of Insurance Policy

  • Have you felt dissatisfied by the policy you purchased or believe you were scammed? If so, you can ask us for help.

  • Claim Rejection

  • We understand that that insurance is bought for the protection of the family but sometimes the claim gets rejected due to wrong representation or technical Jargons. We can understand your claim and help you file your case again with Insurance Company.

  • Delay in Claim process

  • While its an endeavor of every insurance company to settle the claim at a faster pace for a better customer experience but sometimes there are certain questions raised which needs to be answered technically to get the claim disbursed. We can understand your case and can help you answer the questions in the correct manner.

  • Lapsed Policy

  • Sometime we forget to pay the premium or may not have money to pay the premiums. In both the cases the policy gets lapsed and the cover is lost. We can understand your situation and can help you revive the policy or help recover your money by surrendering the policy.

  • Policy Rejection

  • The insurance company rejects your insurance cover and you feel dejected. We can understand the reasons and help you get the cover you need by correct documentation with the company.

  • Service Issues

  • Nominee Change, Address Change or issues with respect to legal hires. Ask us.

  • NRI Services

  • We understand that you bought policies here and do not know how to keep track of Premium payment and claims. You can register with us and we can help you with all your concerns.

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