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Having said all this, it is very unfortunate that some of them can't guard themselves from mis selling and fraud. We at Insurance Samadhan take pride in sharing that we were able to help one such warrior who was a victim of claim rejection. Here’s presenting you the story of LNK Mr. Jagtar Singh SM, who could get his money back from a rejected claim.

Shri Jagtar Singh faced bullets while serving for India. He had to suffer from 70% permanent severity and was issued a Disability certificate. He filed his claim with the Insurance company which was unnecessarily delayed by them for several months. He got his complaint registered with us and the moment we got his case, InSa represented him and he got his rightful claim back.


We are blessed to have served him. We at InSa would like to extend this service of ours whereby anybody who has a rejected claim or is a victim of misselling can reach out to us and we will be more than happy to do the needful.
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