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At Insurance Samadhan, we have always believed that our Family of all team members, investors, clients and Partners has played a major role in bringing InSa to the level it is at today. At every step we have been more than humble to receive all the support and love of every stakeholder. Our Partners have contributed majorly to the success of InSa and nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing their individual stories with you all.

For this newsletter, we have Mr. Archit Gupta. Archit joined us as an associate in the month of March 2022 after watching our Shark Tank episode. He registered the complaint of one of his clients and it got resolved within a month. Let’s hear his experience in his own words.


Claim settlement and Misselling of Insurance products are mammoth problems of the Insurance ecosystem. InSa has been playing a disrupting role in resolving these complaints and the mainstream media is loving the impact we are creating.


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