7 Amazing Tips for a Better Car Insurance Claim-Settlement Process

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Owning a car is now a piece of cake. People from all sectors are now buying a car and considers it to be a basic necessity and, it is. With the help of affordable car loan schemes and reduced price in automobiles has accelerated the process of owning a car. Having a car comes with many perks and few fears such as, what if it is stolen? The cost of repairing car parts as a result of an accident. The increasing traffic that can easily land a scratch or dent in your newly bought car. All these must be worrying you but worry not! Car Insurance companies are your savior and they make sure your precious car is well taken care of under the most distressing conditions.

Car Insurances are different for each company with viable policies. First, let us understand how car insurance works.

The first thing one must do is through the car insurance company’s ideal garages and get all the repairs done. Once you have completed that, the insurance company will pay for the maintenance except those that are not covered under the policy. This is called a cashless claim. There are several types of insurance available for the vehicle you own:

Types of Vehicle Insurance:

  • Comprehensive Insurance: it insures your car against theft, damages, death of driver/owner/passenger and harm caused by your car to other’s the property/valuable. Coverage against natural calamities (earthquakes, floods, etc.) also comes under comprehensive insurance.
  • Third-Party Insurance: covers the damage done by your car to other automobiles/property.
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Get Resolutions for Insurance Complaints

Here are the top 7 tips that will be useful while filing a car insurance claim:-

7 important tips for Successful Car Insurance Claim Settlement:

  1. Initiate the claims procedure as soon as possible: In case of a mishap, accident or any other trouble, inform the car insurance company within 48 hours (maximum). It is advisable to contact them as soon as the incident occurred. Mention all the greater and minute details for their understanding. It will help the company to support your claim. Even the smallest fact can affect the decision of the insurance company in sanctioning the claim. Calling in late may hinder the procedure.
  2. Record the specifics of the accident and harm caused: Written documentation is always preferred and considered as a witness for car insurance companies. The record of time, date, location of the accident with whatever damage caused to both/multiple parties is appreciable for an easy claim of insurance.
  3. Finalizing the settlement amount: Once the recording of the event is complete, analyze the loss suffered due to the accident. Having a figure in the mind can speed up the procedure on both ends (company and user). Put forward the claim request with the proof of damage, injury, bills, and report. The insurance company will analyze and process your claim in no time.
  4. Send the claim letter: While sending the demand letter, please consider attaching reports and proof of the damage caused, the particulars of the accident, bills you had to pay as a result of the accident, etc. more the details, easier is the claim.
  5. Analyse the first proposition and push for a rational reimbursement: If you receive a lesser claim settlement, put in a request showing why you deserve the amount you first billed. Have pieces of evidence and appropriate reasons for your claim and the company will not be able to refuse.
  6. Always go for a written agreement of the claim settlement: Once the negotiation with the car insurance company is complete, request for a written agreement. Written proof can never be denied and thus, you will get the amount without any change in the figures.
  7. Last but not least, opt for legal guidance if negotiation fails: In case the negotiation does not work out the way you thought, and the settlement remains unclaimed, get a lawyer and take legal advice on how to proceed. Lawyers will help you get a better perception of the problem and help you claim your insurance.

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