Bundling Free Health Insurance with Life Insurance

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There is nothing like free insurance!!

Often we fell trap of freebees. A phone call suggested that if you buy Life Insurance they will provide free health insurance. This cannot be true.

There can be two scenarios:

  1. They add a rider of dreaded diseases on your life insurance policy which has a small additional premium. But this is not complete Mediclaim policy. This will only offer fixed money in case you have one of the diseases listed in the policy during the policy period.
  2. They sell you two policies one life and one health and quote a combined premium and take one cheque.

In both the scenario, you pay the additional premium for the benefit you want. Always ask and read the product brochure for the features. Ask for the product illustration which gives you an idea of the charges and returns on product. Don’t blindly trust your agent and sign the proposal form

Be aware and stay cautious

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Shailesh Kumar

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