Buying Health Insurance? Watch/Read this before buying it.

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Transcription of the above video: Buying Health Insurance? Watch/Read this before buying it.

Hello, Shailesh from Insurance Samadhan! Suppose you have decided to buy Health Insurance and you filled the first page of the proposal form – Your name, address, contact details, and so on. The next important question that is being asked in the form is which product is the customer buying? It would be good for you to do some research about the product before buying it. It is very important to know the period of years your Insurance will cover and thus the same will be mentioned in the proposal form. The next factor to keep in mind is the Premium payment term. I would recommend you to go for a regular premium policy as it contains less premium amount. You can invest the leftover amount as it would be more beneficial. It is to be noted that GST is charged on the premium amount, so you must calculate the premium along with the GST. GST is always higher at the time you are buying the policy and lower at the time of renewal.

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What features to look for while buying health insurance?

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