How to File a Car Insurance Claim In India- Know the complete process

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It hardly needs to be mentioned that making incomplete or erroneous car insurance claims can lead to grave consequences, the first and foremost one being, rejection from the motor insurance company. Hence, it is not enough to just buy a good car insurance policy, you should also ensure that your car insurance claims are filled on time, and with due accuracy. There’s no denying that filing motor insurance claims can be quite tricky, however, with just a little patience, you can get a thorough understanding of the entire process.

The following are some useful tips to help you file car insurance claims with your insurance provider correctly:

  • Gather preliminary information to submit to your motor insurance provider- pay close attention to the damages to your car as well as the other vehicle. It is advisable to collect photographic evidence which will help you to get full reimbursement for the damages from your motor insurance company.
  • Check whether you have comprehensive car insurance or liability only policy- in the event of an accident involving your car, make sure you know exactly which insurance you have. For example, third-party car insurance does not cover the damages to your vehicle, and you will have to bear the repair cost.
  • File a police FIR to submit to your car insurance company for theft and third party claims- if there’s a car theft or third party damage, you will need to furnish a police report to your car insurance provider prior to the processing of your insurance claims. So, if you want your motor insurance company to process your car insurance claim without any hassles, you need to file a First Information Report with the police.
  • Keep your motor insurance policy handy- before getting in touch with your car insurance provider, note down the risks covered by your car insurance policy. This way, you can get an idea about the kind of coverage you can expect from your car insurance provider.
  • Contact your car insurance provider- You should immediately contact your car insurance provider after an accident so that your insurance claims can be processed at the earliest. Your car insurance policy document will have a phone number. Once you have registered a complaint with your car insurance company, the call centre executive will issue a reference number.
  • Submit the claims form to your motor insurance company- this is the most crucial aspect of filing a car insurance claim. Avoid any mistake or lie so as there is no chance of your request for reimbursement being jeopardized. You have to be absolutely honest. Additionally, you need to submit all claims to the motor insurance company within a particular duration of the occurrence of the event. It is imperative to adhere to the timelines so as to prevent your claim request from facing rejection by the motor insurance company. Besides, if you have any doubts regarding the filling of the car insurance claims form, your insurance official/surveyor or any other expert in the field can help you out with their useful advice.
  • Document communications with your motor insurance provider- in all likelihood, you will have several exchanges with your car insurance provider before you are reimbursed. This primarily serves the purpose of verifying the authenticity of your car insurance claims. It is a good idea to document all communication that take place between you and the car insurance company, including the executives you speak to and when. This can prove to be of great help when filing disputes with your motor insurance company, if any.
  • Don’t settle if you are dissatisfied with the claim amount offered by your motor insurance company- if you are not happy with the claim amount offered by your car insurance provider, and feel that you are not getting your dues, convey this to your insurance company. Also, do not sign any document or discharge voucher unless you are content with the claim amount.
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