Disability Insurance Definition, Benefits, Types and Clarifications

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In InsuranceSamadhan.com’s A-Z Blog series on Insurance topics, we try to dissipate all vital information and demystify myths related to the Insurance sector. In today’s blog, we are sharing details regarding the extremely critical aspect of Insurance Coverage in the unfortunate event of Accidental Death and Disability.

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It is estimated that each year over 5 lacs people become disabled due to road accidents. With advancement of medical facilities chances of survival has increased but the people may live as disabled rather a fit person.

This disability causes either financial dependence or reduction in income generation. Each individual today is exposed to risk of accident and needs to take an insurance cover for financial security to oneself and family. However, it is necessary to understand the definition of disability insurance, its benefits and the various clarifications around it.

What is Disability Insurance?

Disability Insurance is a type of insurance that will provide income in the event a person is unable to do their work/duty and earn money due to a disability. There are many types of organizations that provide different types of disability insurance.

What are benefits of Disability Insurance?

Here are the different benefits of disability insurance for insured person:

  • It depends on the Contract but mostly companies pay a percentage of sum assured each year. For example, Ramesh has an Accidental Death and Disability cover of Rs 40 lacs. Ramesh meets with an accident and is declared permanently disabled unable to earn regular income. Insurance companies would pay 20% of Sum Assured each year for next 5-years ie. Rs. 8 lacs per year for the next 5-years.
  • If it is a rider with a Life Insurance, then company may pay 20% of sum assured each year and can also waive off future premium of base plan provided sum assured of base plan is Rs 40 lacs. But such features are available on excess premium.
  • General Insurance and Health Insurance also provide one-time compensation for temporary disability. For example, if Ramesh has temporary disability then 20% of sum assured will be paid either as lumpsum or as monthly compensation for one-year ie. Rs 67,000 per month for 12-months.
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How to define Permanent Disability?

  • 100% acceptance if insured has loss of both eyes or amputation of both hands above wrist or amputation of both feet above ankle. This should have happened within 90-days of accident and should be reported to Insurance Company within 90-days.
  • 100% acceptance of cases of coma, brain damage, vital organ damage which causes the insured to remain bed ridden. Such cases should be caused by accident only and reported within 90-days. In case patient recovers then future payments may be stopped.
  • Rest all cases of disability need Doctor Certification and reasonable justification that why a person is permanent disabled. Insurance company would evaluate the case and decide accordingly.
  • All disability claims are evaluated with respect to earning capacity. Here, one would need to understand that earning capacity is related to a profession. For example, if at the time of taking a policy insured was declared as Public Lawyer and he loses his vocal chords due to an accident then insured can be paid claim because he will not be able to work as lawyer though lawyer can still consult others. There have been legal cases on such professional disputes and judgement has mostly been in favour of the client.

Disability Insurance also have exclusions of self-injury, suicide, professional hazards, hobbies and known risk. So, a journalist entering a war like situation may not get claim.

However, each one must take maximum cover under Accidental Death and Disability. This is one expense which you should never avoid.

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