The easiest way is to check the Schedule page in the policy pack!!

The policy schedule page is the part of the contract and show almost all the information of the policy. Its normally two pagers for most companies and gives the complete summary of the policy.

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Details you can check in your Life Insurance Policy:

Here you can easily identify information like:

  1. Policy Number
  2. Name of the product taken
  3. Term of the Policy
  4. Riders in the Policy
  5. Policy Start Date
  6. Policy End Date
  7. Premium payment term
  8. Premium to be paid
  9. Policy holder Name
  10. Address of the Policy Holder
  11. Date of Birth of Policy Holder
  12. Name of the insured person
  13. Date of Birth of Insured
  14. Sum Assured
  15. Nominee Details
  16. Agent/ Broker Details

Almost all critical information needed to understand the product sold is available on this page.

When you receive the policy pack you must check the schedule page to understand if the product was sold based on your requirements.You can ask questions and clarify doubts with your agents after reading the schedule page.

The company allows cancellation of the policy within 15 days of receiving it in case you find the policy not as per your requirements.

In case you have doubts, please call Insurance Samadhan, we can help you understand the schedule page and guide you if you have any questions.

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