Distance Marketing – Should you buy Insurance through Telephone call or email?

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IRDA has made very strict guidelines on Distance Marketing selling. But this channel seems to be having more problems than solution.

Ashok was looking for a loan of Rs 10 lakh. He was offered a loan on 4% interest but Ashok had to take an insurance of Rs 1 lakh as a 10% guarantee and same premium need to be pad each year as installment. Offers looked very attractive and Ashok was most multiple policies with premium of Rs 1 lakh. The policy document was taken so that Ashok could not read Policy terms. Ashok was told that verification call is done by Agency Department and of he discloses offer of loan then agent commission will be cit and interest rate will be increased to 14%. So Ashok agreed on verification call.

This is only one example of Distance marketing sales. There are many other examples like offering Tower Installation, Gold Coin Scheme etc. Theses callers use caller ids of Insurers and submit all proofs like IRDA certificate, Company letters and use names of Insurance Companies.

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Although Distance Marketing was used to increase penetration but it is causing more problems to public as common man is not able to differentiate.

IRDA Regulations on Distance Marketing:

Since 2011, Insurance can be sold through phone, internet, through Bank ATM. Any method,where face to face contact is not done, would be called Distance Marketing. IRDA has issued Guidelines to protect interest of Policy Holders:

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Distance Marketing Guidelines:

  1. Guidelines is issued in April, 2011 as per section 14(1) of IRDA Act.
  2. Applies to Insurers / Brokers and Corporate Agents
  3. Applies to sale of Insurance Products through telephone, SMS, email and other methods not involving face to face meeting.
  4. Distance marketer need to comply with Insurance Act, 1938, the IRDA Act, 1999, IT Act, 2000, TRAI Act, 1997, The Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communications (Amendment) Regulations, 2008.
  5. Distance Marketer need to have trainer telecaller and authorised verifier. Telecaller can generate lead and Verifier can solicit Insurance.
  6. Telemarketer need to maintain all calling records for verification by IRDA and Insurer. Telemarketer need to provide calling record to insurer.
  7. Authorised verifiers can solicit Insurance Business and conclude the sale. These authorised verifiers need to pass IRDA exam and have license.
  8. Brokers tele marketing will do the need analysis then pitch suitable product. As per IRDA, Brokers need to maintain all call recordings wherever business is picked and submit to Insurer. Rule no 7 (4) safeguards interest of Policy holders because Brokers must maintain all records.
  9. Point No 8 clearly ask all telecallers and verifies for training and Brokers / Corporate Agents must maintain all training records.
  10. Point No 9(1) demands a script which is approved by compliance officer of IRDA.
  11. Point no 9(2) demands that caller must introduce name of insurer and purpose of calling.
  12. Point 9 (3) talks about seeking permission from the client and state that call is being recorded and provide copy of all call recording to customer.
  13. There is a 30 days freelook in distance marketing sale and that need to be informed to client.
  14. ULIPS of premium more than Rs 50000 can not be sold in distance marketing
  15. Point 10(3) further ask that insurer must provide recording to the client as part of Policy Document.
  16. Point no 10 also specifies that insured must know the name and ID number of the telecaller and such recording should be available with Insurer.
  17. Point No 12 demands storing of all conversation with Insurer and this record should be available at all times.
  18. Insurers must verify atleast 3% calling on regular basis.
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These guidelines are very exhaustive and safe guard the interest of public. But question remains, is it really happening or tele-callers are using the guidelines to cheat the public by giving temptations which are difficult to refuse.

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