Fire Insurance Claim Procedure – Steps to File Fire Insurance Claim

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In a world full of uncertainties, one can never take ‘enough’ precautions. However, one can always be well-prepared to face such uncertainties. Misfortune does not discriminate, it can come upon anyone at any point of time, and one such example of an adversity is – fire damage. Worry not, we are here to help you be better prepared to battle such adversities with all the preparedness one needs!!

A fire explosion usually occurs suddenly and in just a bang, it flames up your entire world (home, office, belongings etc.) leaving you stranded. Sounds worrisome? Well, need not! You can always apply for a Fire Insurance.

Read below given FAQs related to Fire Insurance Claim Process

What is a Fire Insurance?

Fire Insurance is a property insurance that covers any loss or damage endured due to a fire explosion. By filing a Fire Insurance, you can claim the repair, replacement or reconstruction cost of the insured property.

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Now, in case you already have Fire Insurance and are looking to find answers to know how to claim your Fire Insurance. We got you covered!

Procedure of Fire Insurance Claim:

How to claim your Fire Insurance?

If you buy a fire insurance and in the position of having to claim your fire insurance, Just follow the given below given easy steps which will help you ensure a faster fire claim settlement:

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Step 1: Speed Dial your Insurance Company

First things first, inform the Insurance Company about the all damages that has occurred due to the fire explosion. You do not have to be precise; an estimated damage report works here. While estimating damage make sure that you preserve all burnt materials as an evidence. The company will then send a competent surveyor to establish the total damage. Also ensure that during this time, you do not renovate or repair any damage caused to the property as it can hinder the process of the reimbursement.

Step 2: Papers, Papers, Papers!

Upon informing the Insurance Company, you will be asked to file a claim. This is where you require precision! Ensure that you mention each detail on the claim request form correctly.

The claim request form will require the following items to be precisely documented:

  1. Date of Fire explosion
  2. Type of Damage
  3. Any related injuries
  4. Condition of property
  5. Description of damaged items
  6. Location of the property
  7. Others involved
  8. Police FIR copy (In case, police is involved)

Step 3: Need of the hour: Co-operation

While we understand that it might be a hard time for you to be in such a situation, yet we advise you to have faith in the Insurance industry. The company will appoint a competent surveyor who will ascertain total damages. Remember – the claim estimation will be based on the surveyor’s report, which is why we advise you to cooperate fully with the surveyor. Present all original documents and evidences required for the surveyor’s assessment of the loss. Provide all necessary information and your full cooperation!

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Documents required for fire insurance claim

Here’s a head’s up to be prepared in advance for all required documents. You will be needing the following-

  1. Duly filled claim form
  2. Certified copy of the policy
  3. Photographs of the damaged property
  4. Fire Brigade report
  5. Copy of Police FIR report (if any)
  6. Copy of newspaper report (if any)
  7. Previous claim history (if any)

Step 4: Time is Money

While you maybe in a hurry to claim reimbursement and repair the damages. We insist on taking your time! Always in hurry, we tend to overlook things, perhaps something important that we missed in the first look. Therefore, take your time and analyse all the damages that occurred before finally filing the claim. The more time you take, the more conviction you will have over your claim. Once you are fully confident, file your claim and let the Insurance experts do their jobs.

Step 5: Join the Family

Although we wish you do not end up in a situation where you need to follow this step. However, if you experience any difficulty in filing or claiming your fire insurance, we are happy to help!! Contact us at InsuranceSamadhan.com and be a part of the family. Rest assured; we will take care of your worries.

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