Grievance Redressal norms unveiled by IRDAI for insurers

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The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has officially released its regulations pertaining to grievance redressal and customer complaints in case of insurance companies in the country. Any complaint or grievance has been classified as communication which clearly states any dissatisfaction relating to an action taken or the lack of the same with regard to service standards of insurance companies and intermediaries or deficiencies in service along with any remedial measures sought. IRDAI has directed insurers to have suitable systems for the registration, receipt and resolution of grievances of customers.

Insurers should also take care of grievances within a particular period of time. Insurance companies are required to dispatch their written acknowledgements within three days from receiving complaints. This should have the designation and name of the officer dealing with the customer’s query along with procedural information and the time that will be required for resolving the issue in question.

Get Resolutions for Insurance Complaints

All grievances of customers must be solved within a period two weeks and insurers will have to dispatch written responses for rejection/redressal of the complaint with suitable reasons. This will also have the intimation that in case of any further issues/disputes, the customer can contact the insurer within 8 weeks from getting the response from it. The complaint will be perceived as closed by the insurer in case there is no response from the customer in this time period.

IRDAI has directed insurers to keep automated systems for the monitoring and tracking of grievances along with receiving all types of calls and e-mails, enabling the interface needed with the IRDAI’s own system of tackling e-mails and calls. Insurance companies should be swiftly taking up complaints of customers prior to emphasizing on the need to get insurance policies as per top officials of the IRDAI. Companies not working as per these regulations will have to fork out penalties as well.

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