How to ensure that you don’t get a rejection notice for your Insurance Claim

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Life insurance is meant to offer a financial safeguard for your loved ones in case of your unfortunate demise or any mishap in the unforeseen future. However, you should know that in case of rejection of the insurance claim, the whole purpose is diluted and your family members will not get the help they require in such situations. It is thus important to keep a few pointers in mind. Read below given some of the key aspects to consider which would ensure that your claim doesn’t get rejected:

Most insurance customers do not want to spend time on filling up the proposal form and ask their agents to do so. However, this could be a blunder since the claim may be rejected in case the agent does not fill out the form with accurate information. You should always fill up the form yourself with accurate personal data including the occupation, age, medical information, income and policy information. You can keep a copy of this proposal form and verify details once again to make sure that no discrepancies are there. In case there are some discrepancies, contact your insurer to get the same rectified.

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Sometimes customers do not provide proper details about medical conditions either knowingly or even unknowingly. Medical conditions and family medical history should be revealed or else the death benefit claim may be rejected by the insurance company. Always take care while providing details such as alcohol consumption, smoking and pre-existing ailments. The insurance proposer may be asked to take medical tests by the insurance company. Do not avoid this; rather, this will help you avoid any future rejection chances of the claim.

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The higher the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company, the higher chance of your claim being approved. Go for an insurer with a higher claim settlement ratio and good track record of settling claims. Insurance companies will pay claims for policies which are active. Many customers do not know that delaying premium payments beyond the provided grace period will lead to policies lapsing and benefits will become null and void. Make sure you pay premiums in a timely manner. The beneficiary should be updated with the insurer in order to prevent any hassles later on. When you get married, nominate your spouse and later on, you can update the nominee information to cover your children or other family members if you wish.

Always keep the insurance policy information, advisor’s number and claims processes jotted down for your family members along with the document list for filing death benefit claims. However harsh it may seem to them, they should at least be prepared when the time comes.

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