Will I Get Insurance Claim for Diwali Mishaps?

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Diwali is known to be the festival of lights and fun. It is the time of the year when we spend the most precious time with our loved ones. We celebrate Diwali by exchanging gifts, buying new clothes, eating sweets, bursting crackers, making rangolis, playing cards, and lighting our whole world i.e., our home.

Will I Get Insurance Claim for Diwali Mishaps

Diwali is also known to be the time of the year when the country witnesses the most medical emergencies and fire-related property damages. In earlier years, the country saw-

  1. Buildings explode due to firecrackers
  2. Massive explosions in the factories making firecrackers
  3. Vehicle catch fire due to firecrackers
  4. Fire breaks out due to wrong wiring of Diwali lights.
  5. Critical burn injuries, and eye injuries caused by firecrackers
  6. Emergency hospitalization of elderly people due to diabetes and heart issues caused by overconsumption of sweets and deep-fried food.
  7. Hospitalization due to respiratory issues like asthma caused by rising pollution resulting from firecrackers.

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Property damages make our Diwali days a big nightmare. Similarly, rushing to the hospital on the account of medical emergencies sounds dreadful.

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These Diwali mishaps not only lead to emotional stress but also burn a hole in one’s pocket.

The question remains if this Diwali you suffer any of the above damages, will you receive an insurance claim for it?

Examples of Diwali Accidents: Will Insurance cover them?

A stray rocket flies into your house and caused a fire

Since the insured was not the one who shot the rocket and it was not his deliberate planning to cause a fire in his own house, the fire/home insurance provider might honour the claim for such a fire.

The insured kept firecrackers in the house which later burst and caused a fire

Since the insured bought the firecrackers and kept them at home even after the ban on crackers, the insurance company is likely to reject the claim.

Insured shoots rocket from his car and caused a fire

This will be considered as an intended or deliberate plan to cause fire and make a claim. The insurer will not only reject your claim. They may also cancel the car insurance policy.

A stray rocket hits your car

It depends on the type of motor insurance you have taken. If you have third-party insurance, then your policy does not cover such loss. If you have a comprehensive plan (package policy) for your car, then own damage will be covered. The fire caused by the stray Diwali rocket is likely to be honoured for the claim by the insurance company.

An insured child rushed to the hospital due to firecracker burns

A child health insurance plan will cover all the medical expenses related to firecracker burns.

Emergency hospitalization due to heart issues or spike in blood sugar caused by overconsumption of oily food and sweets.

Health insurance will cover such emergency hospitalization.

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What is the Insurance Claim Process for Diwali Accidents?

To get a claim, you need to first check whether the risk is covered by your insurance. If yes, inform your insurance company and submit the claim form along with the necessary documents to them.

A surveyor will be appointed by your insurer to determine the cause of the incident.

If the cause of the mishap is covered by the policy, then the company will proceed with claim settlement.

In case, the cause of the mishap is not covered by the policy, the claim will be rejected by the company. They will send you a letter of claim rejection stating the reason for the claim rejection.

If your genuine claim gets rejected, then you can reapply for the claim. If you need help, you can contact Insurance Samadhan.*

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