No Interest Loan against Policy? A Helping Hand for Insurance Mis-selling

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Insurance mis-selling is getting so common these days and getting a call from an insurance company representative who is eager to try to sell you an insurance policy is so common these days, but there are some people who will try to mis-sell you an insurance policy by offering an interest free loan to you.

Beware of those people who try to sell you an interest free loan against an insurance policy. This will get you a lot more trouble than you could ever imagine. The person behind the call only wants to sell you an insurance policy, not an interest free loan.


Here’s a similar story of one of our customer who was facing the same issue:

Mr. Nilesh Jain was sold an insurance policy by some people. They told him that they wanted to give him a zero-interest loan for which he needed to buy an insurance policy. He paid the premium twice because he was informed that the premium which he was paying would deduct from the EMI. In the end, he did not receive the loan amount, but he did receive an insurance policy.

His attempts to surrender the insurance policy went on for almost two years without any response from the other side. He was only getting calls from the insurance company asking him to pay the remaining premiums. He lost all his hopes of getting his money back. Then he came to Insurance Samadhan and we understood this case properly and represented his Insurance Mis-selling case correctly to the insurance company. Finally, after long efforts he was able to get his premium back from the Insurance Company.

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