Top 5 Reasons for Delay in Claim Process

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In insurance, we do hear people saying, “Abhi tak claim nhi aya” or “Itna time ho gaya, kab aega claim mera?” These are complaints of delay in the claim process. But why do they get delayed?

In this blog, we’ll understand the reasons why a claim could be delayed.

Top 5 Reasons for Delay in Claim Process

Why Do Insurance Claims Get Delayed?

  1. Delay in notifying and submitting the claim form to the insurance company

Sometimes, customers delay in intimating the insurance company about the damage/loss or they fail to submit the claim form on time. This leads to a delay in the claim settlement process.

  1. Losing the insurance policy document

The policy documents are vital for a claim process. You must keep all the original documents in a safe and secure place. If documents are lost or you aren’t able to find the documents on time, then the claim process will take time.

  1. Non-submission of necessary documents

IRDAI states that the turnaround time starts from the day of the final submission of all the required documents. If you fail to submit the documents, then the whole process of claim settlement will be delayed.

  1. Non-disclosure of facts

You must provide complete and correct information to the insurance company. If you fail to do so then it will be difficult for the company to investigate the case and hence your claim would get delayed or might also get rejected.

  1. Communication with the surveyor or investigator
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Insurance companies appoint an investigator or a surveyor for the case. You must communicate with him so that you will know whether he needs any more information or not. If you don’t communicate with the surveyor, then it will create doubt in the mind of the surveyor and might lead to a delay in the claim process.

If you have kept the above points in mind and still your claim settlement process gets delayed, then approach your insurance company with your grievance. If you are still confused about how to proceed then you can approach Insurance Samadhan. We have resolved many cases of delay in the claim settlement process.

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Insurance Samadhan

Here’s one of the similar cases in which there was a delay in the claim process that Insurance Samadhan has resolved:

Sakshi, a customer, had taken a comprehensive package policy for her car. The windshield of her car broke accidentally. She paid for the new windshield out of her pocket and notified her insurance company about the incident. She submitted the claim form along with the required documents to her insurance company. She was expecting a reimbursement soon. However, according to her, she did not receive a proper response from the insurer.

She learned about Insurance Samadhan and approached us for her case. After verifying the details of the case, we accepted it on June 08, 2022, as it was a genuine case of delay in the claim. We guided her on how to approach the insurance company and the case was resolved on July 20, 2022.

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If you face any insurance-related problems, you can contact Insurance Samadhan. We have helped 14,500+ people in resolving complaints related to insurance. Contact us to get samadhan for your insurance-related issues. We are always available to help you out.

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