Do We Have to Disclose our Hobbies to the Insurance Company?

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We know that our health plays a very important role when we apply for a life insurance policy. Similarly, there are some hobbies that could lead to higher premium charges or even denial of a policy.

Reading, gardening or playing chess are the least risky hobbies. However, high risk is involved in hobbies like scuba diving, bungee jumping or any other adventurous sports. We should always mention them in our proposal form. This would help the insurer to determine the correct level of risk as well as premium.

This might seem unfair to us, but we must understand that a hobby like this, will increase the odds of dying. Hence, insurance companies charge more for such dangerous hobbies.

Do We Have to Disclose our Hobbies to the Insurance Company?

What If You Conceal a Hobby Which Can be Considered to be Dangerous?

If you conceal that you love to involve yourself in dangerous hobbies, then at the time of claim, your insurance company can deny the claim on the grounds of non-disclosure of hobbies.

What Hobbies are Considered to be Dangerous by Insurance Companies?

Adventurous sports are thrilling, exciting and of course, daring too. The following are some of the activities which life insurance companies consider dangerous:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Bungee jumping
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Rock climbing
  5. Ice climbing
  6. Parachuting
  7. Hang gliding
  8. Motorcycle racing and other motorsports
  9. Piloting private planes
  10. Boat racing
  11. Dune racing
  12. Other types of dangerous hobbies
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In insurance, a hobby can be considered an important factor to determine the risk of dying. One must disclose his hobbies in the proposal form. It may add some cost. But it will be better than claim rejection. As concealment of a dangerous hobby may lead to rejection of the claim.

However, if you have already disclosed your hobbies to the insurance company before purchasing the policy, and later your claim was rejected on the grounds of non-disclosure of hobby, then communicate with your insurer.

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