Top Reasons for Dengue Claim Rejection

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Dengue is a very common viral infection which can be spread to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. Fever, vomiting, rashes, eyes, joint and muscular pain are the common symptoms of Dengue. Most people recover from dengue fever within a week. However, about 1 in 20 dengue patients will develop severe symptoms of Dengue and need to be hospitalized so that dengue treatment can be observed by the doctors.

Top reasons for Dengue Claim Rejection

Can you get a health insurance claim for dengue fever?

Yes, all Health Insurance covers the Dengue treatment. However, claim is allowed only when hospitalization was necessary and treatment was given as per standard protocol. Many times, during the Dengue spread patients get admitted due to fear and discharged within two days after a standard medication of viral. In such cases , Insurance companies reject the claim because hospitalization was not justified.

However, if your condition is critical with drop in platelets then hospitalization is required and your insurance company would have to reconsider that.

All expenses will be paid as per the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

When will you face a claim rejection in dengue fever?

  • If hospitalization is not justified.
  • If standard treatment is not given in the hospital. A course of paracetamol will not be considered as a treatment.
  • If dengue treatment was taken by an unauthorized person.

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A case of Dengue fever patient who had a health policy but was unable to communicate correctly for reimbursement:

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