The Way Of Filing Insurance Proposal form

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Losing a loved one to the eternal power is the most dreaded dream and a wretched reality we often try to escape from. Grieving over your loss is like the ocean, it sometimes comes in calming waves and sometimes like a hurricane. All we at Insurance Samadhan, can do is make sure you sail through. Losing the bread earner of the family often tends to bring down the living standard and economic status of the family.

An Insurance policy thus endures being the most crucial tool when it comes to covering your family from the exposure of such a threat. Thereby, securing your loved ones with life insurance is of vital importance.

There are certain important aspects that we tend to ignore while procuring this crucial lifelong document called Life Insurance Policy, is the ‘Proposal Form Filling’.

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Speaking with experience of our case histories, it can be often seen that people sign the proposal form and hand over the premium cheque. However, the question we propose here with caution is that-


Did you know that the insurance proposal form is the very foundation of your life insurance cover? This is the first document that is referred to, before any kind of claim settlement. Most claims are rejected due to fabricated information discovered in the form.

Let’s comprehend what information is of utmost importance in this form. If you ask me, hands down, all the sections are vital. The form apprehends everything from your personal information to your personal health information, your family history, and your financial information. In the end, by signing a declaration you make it a legal manuscript for all future reference.

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Your insurance agent doesn’t have the knowledge of your financials as well as health conditions and consequently, all the inquiries on these matters are countered with the best possible solutions.

The Insurance law entails that you should ideally fill the Proposal form i.e and the declaration, should be signed only after reading the complete form. It is recommended to not leave this important document frivolously since it is the foundation of the Insurance Contract to your insurance agent advisor.

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  1. The Otiental Insurance Managers M/s.M.D. India refuse to pay Medical Claims,inspite of all requirements met 3 times

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