What is Home Insurance and Why It Is Important in India

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Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It is, perhaps, one of the biggest and most costly investments you will ever make. Thus, it is extremely important to safeguard your home with insurance and protect it from certain circumstances that may render your home to be completely uninhabitable. This special type of property insurance that protects your home from different risks such as accidents, natural calamities and robbery is called home insurance. An all-inclusive home insurance policy will relieve you from the financial and emotional disturbance of rebuilding your home, in case it gets damaged.

Home insurance is a type of term contract. It will only be effective for that specific time period for which you choose to buy your home insurance plan. You can renew the insurance policy after it gets over. Home insurance policies are offered by all the top insurance companies. It is important to compare the home insurance policies put forward by the different companies and settle on one in accordance with your requirements.

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Home insurance can save you from financial ruin of losing your biggest assets. Read below given points for better understanding the importance of having a home insurance policy for homeowners:

Here are top 6 benefits of having a home insurance in india

  • Home insurance policy protects you against property damage: Despite the size, location and other security features, no property are completely immune to calamities. A standard home insurance policy provides coverage from natural disasters such as fire, flood, explosion and earthquake. It even protects you against criminal activities such as robbery, theft, vandalism.
  • Home insurance policy provides temporary living expenses: If your insured house is uninhabitable due to the extent of damage it has suffered, the home insurance policy may provide another apartment to you and pay for the rent until your property gets back to a habitable condition.
  • Home insurance policy protects you against liabilities: You can prevent a lot of accidents by being careful but you can never completely ignore the possibility of a mishap. A home insurance policy provides protection to you, your family members and also to your guests against injuries that they may have sustained while residing in your house. It also provides security to you and your family in case you cause any unintentional damage to third parties.
  • Home insurance policy protects you against loss of precious assets and personal items: Any damage to art pieces, expensive jewellery, furniture, important documents and other valuable items kept within the insured house is also covered by your home insurance policy. However, only a fixed amount will be paid for these add-ons. Power outages, though infrequent now, may sometimes seriously damage your appliances due to power surges. The policy may even cover such incidents.
  • Home insurance policy protects your commercial ventures: If you rent out your house, home insurance policy may offer coverage if the third party is accountable for any damage caused to your property. Also, the policy can protect you to some extent if the occupant gets hurt and takes legal action against you.
  • Home insurance policy assists to get house loans from banks: During authorization of home loans, some banks prefer buyers who have home insurance. While having your home insured is sometimes one of the crucial eligibility criteria to avail of home loans for certain banks.
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