What is Mortgage Redemption insurance in Hindi?

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Transcription of the above video: What is Mortgage Redemption insurance in Hindi?

Hello, Shailesh from Insurance Samadhan. Today I will be writing about Home Loan Insurance. I have encountered a lot of customers who complain about having applied for Rs 30 Lakh and received only Rs 28 Lakh, a direct cut of Rs 2 Lakh. There is a policy to cover loans, which is known as Mortgage Redemption. It means that in case of your death, the liability of your loan does not come on your family and shifts to the Insurance Company that would be paying your loan amount directly to the Loan Company. This is why the Mortgage Redemption Policy is very advantageous and is being sold by companies. The loan amount decreases as you pay the loan and in the same way Insurance’s value also decreases. Thus, we advise you to buy a Mortgage Redemption Policy. But, should we purchase it in single-premium form? No.    

Let us first understand the single premium with an example!

You have to pay a premium of Rs 2 Lakh for Insurance of Rs 30 Lakh and the amount of premium will be deducted from your installment. This becomes a deal of absolute loss for the customers. So, if you feel like insuring a Housing loan, it’s better to buy an independent term policy on an annual basis. In case of regular premium, suppose the customer is deceased, in the term insurance of Rs 30 Lakh – Rs 10 Lakh would be given to the deceased person’s family and the other Rs 20 Lakh would be given to Insurance Company. Thus, buying Term Insurance under regular premium is a better way to buy under single premium.

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