Tips for the best Health Insurance base plan + Top-up/Super Top plan in India

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Is a standard health insurance policy enough?

With the economic loss that Covid19 has brought to our country and the growing inflation rate of India, a standard health insurance plan is not enough for you and your family when times get bad.

If you or your family member lands up with a critical disease that requires expensive treatment, a standard health insurance policy is not going to cover it. An additional Top-up or Super top-up plan is highly recommended!

Pro Tip –Experts recommend a Super-top up plan with a family floater health insurance plan as its more economical and now, most insurance companies in India offer a super top-up plan instead of top-ups.

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What is the average premium rate of a top-up plan?

For instance, your health insurance base plan is Rs 5 lakh, and you pay Rs 100 premium, Usually, additional top-up coverage of Rs 10 lakh can be bought for 25% of the base plan’s premium Rs 25.

So in Rs 125, you get a base plan Rs 5 lakh + a Rs 10 lakh Top-up

Top-up Vs Super top-up

PS – To access the top-up and Super top-up benefits, your claim needs to be more than your base plan. For instance, you have a claim of Rs 4 lakh and with Rs 5 lakh base plan with a top-up plan, your insurer will only pay the base plan i.e Rs 5 lakh.

What is the recommended range of coverage for a health insurance policy for a family of 4 in India? Or what is the best range for floater coverage in India?

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With the rising medical costs in India, for a family of 4, an average of Rs 7 to 8 lakhs of coverage with an additional Super top-up plan of 3 times the base plan i.e. Rs 24 lakhs is a must!

Usually for a family floater plan of Rs 32 lakhs (Base plan Rs 8 lakhs + Super Top-up plan of Rs 24 lakhs), can cost Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 premium + Rs 12,000 to Rs 13,000 premium for a super top-up plan. And this premium, by the way, is going to be way cheaper than a standard family floater plan of Rs 32 lakhs.

Pro Tip – The base plan and Top-up/Super top-up can be purchased from different insurance companies, although is it NOT recommended to do so. It would be way more convenient for you if both the plans are purchased from the same insurer.

Pro Tip – If your employer has provided you with group coverage and you also own individual health policy, make sure the deductible is as much as your group plan + base plan. (if you have a 5 lakh Rs base plan + Rs 5 lakh Group plan, then your deductible should be Rs 10 lakhs.)

FAQs Related to Health Insurance Policy

1. Is it possible to port from group health cover to standard health insurance?

Answer – Yes, you can port from a group health insurance coverage to a standard health insurance

2. Will my policy cover an accidental death if it occurs after 1 month of purchasing the policy?

Answer – Yes, a claim can be applied for if the accident is proven to be genuine.

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3. Will my top-up plan cover 2 hospital bills of 4Lakh each?

Answer – if your base plan is of 2lakh, then your top-up will cover the remaining two lakhs but only for one claim.

If your base plan is 4 lakhs, then the top-up will not cover any of those claims as no individual claim is more than 4lakhs. Hence, only the base policy will be available.

PS – If you would like to cover all your claims, a super top-up is the one to go with.

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