Applicability of Property Insurance Claims under different Circumstances

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Property insurance in India protects us against various unforeseen events which could potentially cause damage and cost us a heavy amount that only insurance can save us from.

It is important to understand the applicability of property insurance claims under different unanticipated events that might occur, just so that you know where you stand.

Let’s go through each of them so that you could understand your situation better.

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1. Fire/Flood/Cyclone/Storms/Earthquakes

Sometimes, these disastrous circumstances can damage your property to an extent of a huge financial burden. Although, if you have invested in a property insurance in India, you can avail your property claim benefits to save yourself from financial trouble.

Most property insurance companies in India have an application deadline for a claim, which would be mentioned in your policy document or on their website.

EXCLUSIONS – If the fire was caused by your carelessness and the insurance surveyor (An authorized official appointed by your insurer to inspect the situation and assess the damages) has recognized the inauthenticity of the situation, your claim is most likely to get rejected.

2. Theft/Burglary/Vandalism

If you have been a victim of a crime, the first thing you would need to do is call the local police to file an FIR. Have the local police and the insurance surveyor assess/investigate the scenario and prepare their reports.

(A FIR registered number would be needed by your insurer to process your property claim request.)

To strengthen your case, collect as much evidence as possible. For example – photographs, videos, contact details of witnesses, etc.

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  1. If you have left your house unoccupied for more than continuous 30 to 45      days, any loss/damage caused by burglary or theft will not be covered.
  2. If your insurer identifies your carelessness in securing your home, for      instance, you’re not locking your doors and windows or you have lost your      keys many times, etc. your claim is bound to get rejected.

3. Insured rented property

Usually, a landlord insurance’s coverage includes the structure, contents, tenant liability, and loss of income wherein, your insurer will compensate the rent you have lost if your property is no more suitable to live/work in.

A tenant liability cover under landlord insurance safeguards you from the expenses, claims, and lawsuits associated with the physical injury of your tenant that occurred on your premises.

If you are found responsible for your tenant’s damage, the liability insurance coverage will protect you. For example, if you neglect to fix an unstable shelf that has now destroyed your tenant’s valuables, the tenant can file a liability claim against you. In such cases, a landlord insurance liability coverage will cover you against the expenses that you will have to incur.


  1. Damage to the property caused by war, invasion, or nuclear activities.
  2. Loss or damage due to wear and tear
  3. Loss or damage caused due to any electronic equipment that has been      over-running or excessively used and not maintained well.

Investing in a property is a huge accomplishment and expense in India, Anybody would want to protect it under any circumstances.

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