Top Up and Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan

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What are top-up and super top health insurance plans?

A top-up in health insurance plans offer additional coverage over and above the current health insurance threshold limit that you have.

A super top-up also offers additional coverage in health insurance like the top up but it covers the total of your health treatment bills over and above the threshold limit. Whereas, a top-up only covers one claim above the threshold limit.

For instance, your hospital bill will be paid by your insurer up to a pre-decided sum insured limit. And if you have invested in a top-up, you can avail its benefits only after your hospital bill has crossed that pre-decided amount, say Rs 2 Lakh, so once your bill crosses 2 Lakhs, you can use your top-up health insurance benefits.

PS – A basic health insurance policy and the additional Top-up coverage can be purchased from two different health insurance providers. Although, it is recommended to stick with one insurer to avoid complications and delays in health claim processes.

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Why do you need a Top-plan?

Sometimes standard health insurance plans are not sufficient enough to pay all your medical treatment bills, investing in an add on, a top-up, or super top allows you to enhance your coverage and increase your sum assured. Instead of purchasing another policy, additional coverage can be included in your existing plan that is not only cost-effective but also saves you from rising medical costs in india.

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What do a top-up and super top-up plan cover?

  1. A family member, if they are dependant on you
  2. Hospital room rent expenses
  3. Pre and Post hospitalization treatments including 30 to 60 days of hospital
  4. In-patient treatment facility (at-home treatments)
  5. Expenses related to organ donations

Advantages of Top-up Health insurance plans

  1. Cost effective – It’s usually cheaper than general health insurance policies.
  2. Tax deduction – A top-up health insurance coverage offers a tax deduction under section 80D
  3. Top-ups covers available include family and individual.
  4. Affordable premiums with higher coverage
  5. A pre-authorization form
  6. If the policyholder is being hospitalised for a pre-planned treatment, the pre-authorization form should be filled and submitted with the insurance company at least 3-4 days prior..
  7. In case of an emergency hospitalisation, the form should be filled and submitted within 24 hours of hospitalisation.
  8. If the policyholder is seeking treatment in another medical facility which is not a hospital, it would qualify for a reimbursement claim and a pre-authorization form would not be required.
  9. Discharge Summary issued by the hospital
  10. In case of an accident, a police FIR should be filed and the same should be submitted to your insurer.
  11. Original hospital bills should be submitted which should show the detailed bifurcation of the different costs incurred on treatments
  12. Prescriptions of the doctors who were consulted for the treatment would be required
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