Are you a frequent traveler? Consider An Annual Travel Insurance Plan!

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Travel and tourism are becoming more and more affordable every day. It is now common for every individual to go for a frequent vacation. The periodical growth in people’s income has made it easy for them to spend a decent amount for traveling. With the help of Credit Cards, reduced airfare, discounts on tour packages and other facilities have made vacations within our means. With the rest of the world, Indians are also traveling globally and contributing to the national market.

In fact, with the extensive work hours and mundaneness of daily life, people are opting for vacations as frequently as possible. Financials and travel plans are much affordable. These days, hardly anybody plans their trip two years or one year prior; now it is more of a ‘go get’ kind of deal where you just book the ticket, pack your bags and take a cab for a great weekend getaway.

Be it traveling for work, business, meets or pleasure, everybody looks for an opportunity to explore their inner adventurers to make the most out of their trip. People from all socio-economic strata are traveling regularly with the help of various packages. So, as for the frequent travelers, you must get familiar (if you are not already) with the Travel Insurance Plan for a safe, exciting and worriless vacation.

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Travel Insurance will help you in the following ways:-

  1. Protection against any damage, loss, forfeiture, and cost suffered due to cancellation of the flight
  2. Protection or compensation against delays, mishaps, accidents, misplaced luggage, and theft.

Therefore, if you plan to travel often, it is highly advisable to opt for an annual Travel Insurance plan that will protect and cover your several yearly trips with zero hassle. Annual Travel Insurance plan comes with incredible advantages and can be selected anytime without any trouble.

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Here are some benefits of having travel insurance:

  1. Coverage for all trips around the years making the wholesome amount lesser than anticipated.
  2. Amazingly convenient for travelers to select their preferred travel plans that insures all sorts of damage/hassle caused during the journey
  3. Coverage for an entire year of a trip with installment facility.

There are various insurance plans for different income group of individuals. To be eligible for an Annual Travel Insurance Plan, there are few criteria that one must consider this:

  1. Generally, one should be between the age group 3 months to 70 yrs. to be considered eligible for the travel insurance plan. (It depends upon the travel location)

However, travel insurance plans do not cover individuals with existing medical conditions (heart conditions, brain injuries, recently operated, etc.) and those under Ayurvedic treatment. Expenses caused due to mental illnesses or self-harm or extreme sports activities are strictly not covered in the plan along with alcohol abuse and substance misuse expenditures. Countries that are on the edge of a war outbreak are not insured under travel insurance.

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Now let us get to the process of claiming a travel insurance plan after you have suffered an emergency:-

  • Step 1: while being under the policy, if you have witnessed any unnecessary trouble, immediately contact the travel insurance company.
  • Step 2: send an email or converse over the phone about the grievances caused and file your insurance claim. Simply fill-up the given form and provide the company with documents to prove your distress.
  • Step 3: in case of theft or any other criminal events, first get a police report copy and send it to the insurance company.
  • After the submission of all necessary documents and forms, the travel insurance company will facilitate and process the deserving claim that takes less than two weeks.

Wait no more. Get your annual travel insurance plan and set out for the adventure you have always dreamed about without any apprehension. Bon Voyage!

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