Applicability of Travel Insurance Claims and under Different Circumstances

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Traveling anywhere in the world costs quite a bit and if you’re unlucky, there might be some other added unnecessary expenses that you’d have to pay for too. However, if you have insured your travel, you’re gonna be spared from all the expenses that come with the unforeseen perils of traveling.

Travel insurance policies cover various mishaps that might occur during your travel, these varied in nature have their own procedures of availing its benefits. Therefore, it’s important to apply for a claim for any kind of mishaps with a clam mind, even though it is hard to do so when you’re already anxious.

To make it easier, here is a list of circumstances/mishaps that a travel insurance policy usually covers and thing’s you would want to keep in mind while filling in for a claim.


1. Loss/theft/damage to personal belongings.

The inconvenience caused by losing or damaging your personal belongings during your travel can be quite the bummer, thankfully, your travel insurance will spare you from this trouble.

Exclusions – if the loss or damage was indirectly caused by the policyholder (For example- taking part in a riot or criminal act, being careless about their belongings, etc.), this will not be covered by the insurer.

2. Lost or delayed baggage

Sometimes, Checked-in baggage’s can get misplaced during their transit. Either it can be misplaced at the airport you departed from or it can be taken by some else.

Most travel insurance policies give you a certain amount of money that you can encash and use to replace some items until your baggage is found. However, a complaint should be lodged within 24 hours of the incident.

Exclusions – To claim the reimbursement of your lost baggage, your luggage must be misplaced for more than 24 hours, most insurance companies will compensate only if the checked-in bag is missing for more than 24 hours.

PS- If your baggage is lost or stolen, seek assistance from the airport authorities first while you intimate your insurer and if that doesn’t work out, your insurer will definitely help you out.

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3. Delayed flights/ missed connection flight and cancelled flights

This is a common travel mishap that people usually insure since a delayed or canceled flight is a huge cost to bear. If your trip is delayed for reasons that are covered in your policy, travel insurance companies usually pay for your accommodation and meals.

To buy a travel insurance policy with a trip cancellation coverage, you would need to ensure all your travel expenses are insured. Usually, travel insurers cover your pre-paid and non-refundable trip expenses.

Trip cancellation can be covered by your insurers if the reason for cancellation is covered in your travel insurance policy. The reasons that are usually covered are –

  1. The trip canceled due to weather conditions.
  2. Illness/injury/death of the policyholder
  3. Any terrorist/natural calamities at your destination

A trip interruption benefit can also be availed if your trip is interrupted and you need to return home earlier. Trip interruption benefits are reimbursed by the insurer for unused trip expenses, once you apply for a claim. Many travel insurance policies with this benefit also include extra expenses incurred if you need to return home earlier than planned.

Exclusions – If your trip is canceled by any reason that is not covered in your policy, your travel insurance claim will get rejected. Although, there are some policies that refund 75% of the cost if your reason is not listed in the policy, however, you would have to insure your entire trip to avail such benefits.


1. Loss of passport

Losing your passport is one of the most inconvenient mishaps of a trip, you might even get sent back home immediately! Although most travel agencies cover this huge trouble and assist you in further processing.

Exclusions – if you lose it because of your carelessness or your passport has been identified as unauthorized, your travel insurance claim will get rejected.

2. Medical Emergencies/Death

Medical assistance required for any injury/illness that occurs during your travel is not usually covered by domestic health insurance. One would have to purchase particular travel insurance that covers a certain amount of medical costs.

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PS – Make sure you submit all your medical reports/receipts to your insurer to access the benefits.

However, a medical emergency is quite a broad term to be insured for, hence travel insurance providers have formulated a list of exclusions. here are some that you would want to keep in mind-

  1. If the injury/illness was caused directly or indirectly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. If you have taken part in any adventurous activities.
  3. If you have deliberately taken part in life-threatening activities
  4. The injury was caused by nuclear radioactivity.
  5. If any pre-medical conditions have not been disclosed
  6. Mental illness treatments are not covered by travel insurance policies
  7. Any claims filed for on-going medical treatments will not be rejected.
  8. Major diseases like – Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, etc are not covered either.
  9. Any major complications that arise in pregnancies are not included in the cover. (abortion, miscarriages, etc.)
  10. If your doctor has advised you not to travel and you happen to go against the medical advice given to you, your claim is likely to get rejected.
  11. Self-harm injuries
  12. Participating in any illegal activity.
  13. Any treatment that is other than allopathy.

3. Death and funeral expenses overseas

If the policyholder or a family member traveling with the policyholder accidentally passes away, the travel insurance company will pay a certain benefit to the beneficiary and would also pay for basic funeral expenses. (The cost of repatriation of human remains is compensated for and if the presence of a family member is necessary, their travel cost is also covered)

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